My Beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie. was created following the loss of my beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie who had been with me for nearly 15 years.

I had rescued Trixie when she was 9 months and she lived to the age of 15 years, 4 months and 3 days. Sadly, she was put down on Christmas Eve, 2018. Not a good time to have to say your final Goodbye to your best friend. But I was fortunate she was even able to hold on to her life for as long as she did. Friends say, she had done it for me as I was going through some difficult health issues. Trixie and I were both diagnosed with Cancer 2 days apart.  My news came on a Monday and her news came two short days later on a Wednesday. It was truly a gut punch for both of us!

Trixie could have easily gone at anytime during my long recovery which lasted over a year, but she didn’t.  Sure, she had her bad days but together we managed to push one another through. She did a better job than I did.  In the end we were both there for each other.  I was able to heal and it seemed as soon as she recognized I was going to be okey, she took a turn for the worse.  It was as if her job was done and she was prepared  to move on to her next journey, knowing I still had more to do in mine.  She was right, and it’s led me to my journey. Trixie was not just my best friend, she was my ultimate inspiration and truly moved me forward.

Following her journey to Pet heaven I found myself to be very empty inside, as if the foundation of our home had vanished as she was the glue that held the house together.

I already knew how lucky I was to have had her in my life  for a decade and a half! But it got me thinking “What if”? What if I would have never rescued Trixie and she would have never come into my life?

What if no one ever rescued Trixie?

This was a beautiful soul that added such joy into my life.  She embodied LOVE in its PURIST form. She added happiness to me and my extended family, all while getting me through some very difficult and hard times. She had been there through all the good and all the bad!

That’s when it hit me. The truth that many of us ignore, not by choice of course that 1.5 million beautiful souls per year in our country will never get the chance to live out their lives and offer people like myself and folks who are reading this the unconditional love we don’t even realize we’re missing out on. That's right, 1.5 Million. 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats. 

Trixie was able to do that for many years and PetRescueRadio.Com was created just for that purpose. 

Bring awareness and form relationships with Pet Shelters throughout the United States and help drive this message home; The  importance and mission that should not escape any of us. Pet rescue and Adoptions. The goal is to one day eradicate this terrible truth of Euthanasia to such loving animals, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, ALL Animals!  Even though Trixie is no longer here in the flesh, she plays a large role on our website. Trixie’s bark can even be heard on some of our station ID’s. She lives on, Everyday!