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Meet Violet:

You can’t help but fall in love when you stare into Violet’s honey brown eyes! And then those floppy puppy ears that perk up every time she is happy to see you 🥺

Approximately 2 years old, 40 lb.
Was found pregnant and wondering the streets in New Mexico, although young, this girl is very mature!
Intelligent and quick-to-learn! Knows “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “stop”, and currently mastering “place”
Preferably no cats or tiny dogs, medium and up dogs should be okay with proper introductions! I think she’d love another doggy sibling to play with 🙂

Violet is as sweet as she is smart! She thinks she is a lap dog and wants to lay on your lap anytime possible, and if your lap isn’t available, she will be at your side or by your feet. This girl is as loyal as they come and will thrive in a home with little humans as she just wants to play with and protect her two-legged siblings ❤ Violet is the perfect mix of puppy and maturity as she loves to play either with you or with her toys, but when play time is done, she’s ready to cuddle up for a nap and relax on her own or with you! She is crate trained and goes in with no fuss! She is house potty trained and will only have an accident inside if she has to go badly and she can’t get outside for some reason. Violet will go to the door to let you know when she needs to go to the bathroom too! She loves having her doggy toys and will carry them through the house with her❤️ Occasionally she will go for a small shoe if it’s lying around, but the second you tell her “stop”, she will drop it and go to her own toys. She has been practicing her commands and doing so well with them, she is SO smart and will do great will anything you can teach her!

Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue 

Friends for Life Animal Rescue  

Meet Smartie:

  Smartie is an extremely sweet, 4 year old, male Chihuahua who arrived at Friends for Life as a stray.  His family was located, but they had recently lost their home and could no longer care for him, so we promised to help him find another forever family to care for him.  Smartie's name is no accident, as he is a very intelligent little fellow.  Smartie is very gentle, and a little bit shy at first.  If you are Smartie's "happily ever after," he would love to meet you! 

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Meet Porsche:

 Meet Porsche! This 2 year old male Chihuahua Mix, weighing about 15 pounds, is sleek, aerodynamic and handles like a dream! When he wants your attention, he'll sit up and wave his paws at you! He is picky about his dog friends, and he'd be equally happy not sharing you with anyone. His ideal home is one with kids 14+. He's One of the best "Porsche" models on the market. He is currently parked at our shelter and would love for you to come test drive and take him home to be forever parked.  

Friends for Life Animal Rescue  

Meet Moose:

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Pit Mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 70-80lbs
Energy level: medium
Compatibility with other dogs: awesome! Compatibility with cats: eh, a bit too focused on them for my taste, may do best with no cats.
Compatibility with kids: good with older kids! Requirements: probably older kids, no cats, yard
Preferences: a house with another playful dog Crate trained House trained Moose is such a goofball. He’s a playful guy who also knows how to chill. Moose is a really good boy, he will nudge your hand for a pet and loves neck scratches. He loves to chew on treat stuffed kongs. He would love a home with another dog friend for him!

  Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue   

Meet Charlie:

  • Hi! My name is Charlie and I am a 8 month old Airedale Terrier/Shepherd mix.
    Right now I am currently looking for my second home because I was returned due to a slight medical problem. Sometimes if I'm allowed to drink too much water and can't get outside in time, I will end up losing control of my bladder because it's 2x the size of a normal one. (My foster mom calls it overflow incontinence ) but she says if I monitor my water intake and go outside every few hours I will be just fine without medications!
    Other than that, I don't have accidents often and I am a really happy dog with a lot of energy.
    I'd prefer to be in a home with a backyard (a doggy door too) and another dog my size but it's not 100% necessary because I love being the center of attention. Unfortunately as much as I've tried I'm not too fond of cats and don't want one as a roommate.
    My many hobbies include playing with toys, cuddling with my foster mom, and goofing off with the other dogs in the house. I love to make others smile and laugh, and I do my best to make everyone around me happy. If you'd like to meet me, I'd love to meet you too!

Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue  

Meet Flora:

Meet Flora! She's awesome! She loves people and other dogs. She's a 31 pound Border Collie / Cattledog blend who is living at our adoption center and ready to go home!

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Meet Jazmin:

Wow, look at those beautiful blue eyes! This gorgeous 50 lbs Husky mix we think is about 4 years old. We can’t be sure because she was left in a parking lot with another dog. Neither dog had a collar and were not microchipped. The friend she came in with has been adopted so now Jazmin is waiting for her turn. While we can’t be certain of her history, here's what we can tell you. She knows a few basic commands, loves every person she meets and needs a lot of exercise in order for her to live her best life. If you are looking for a pup to run or hike with and you are experienced with Husky’s please consider adding this beautiful girl to your life.

Home ( 

Meet Lyric:

Lyric may be our fastest cat. He has been known to race around our lounge and run up to sit in our volunteers laps the second he hears them sit down. He is also known to race to say hi to any familiar voice as they step into the lounge. He however did not enjoy the cat wheel as often as we expected, maybe he liked the attention he gets when he comes into the room at 80 miles per hour. He is very fond of the brush and although it is technically not a toy, it is his favorite thing to play with. His favorite stationary spot is the couch. If you ever have the honor of sitting with him on the couch, you may witness how he slowly stretches out and melts off the couch. He plays nicely with kids, and as you can see in his photo, adores other cats. He surprisingly is not too startled by the vacuum, but he does not turn his back to it. He is estimated to be about 2 years old.

 Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Bobby:

Bobby (Bobbo, BoBo) - Bobby is just too cute!  This baby boy will play with anything and anyone, while filling the room with great vibes and snuggles.  He is athletic, loving, cuddly, and easygoing.  If you want an adorable kitten who will make you laugh and provide purr therapy on a daily basis, look no further. BoBo is ready to be your most loyal friend for years to come!

  Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Campbell:

Campbell (CamCam, Cammy) - Watch out for this furry little purr machine.  It will only take him a minute to steal your heart.  Campbell is extraordinarily sweet, playful, fun, and cuddly.  He loves to explore and play with his fellow kitten amigos.  People and animals alike adore him.  Isn't that the type of feline friend you want in your home?!

   Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Daisy & Posy:

This happy-go-lucky sweet mom and daughter pair are always excited to make new friends. With they're super sweet and bubbly personalities and adorable faces they will melt your heart within minutes of meeting them. They're adorable matching markings and pink noses make them a one-of-a-kind pair

Daisy & Posy are a Mother & Daughter BONDED pair!  When the shelter tried to separate them, mama Daisy REFUSED to eat and almost died of despair.  They were reunited at the Akita ranch in Romoland, California and they are an ADORABLE pair.  
WARNING: You MUST be able to withstand massive snuggles and kisses. 

This happy-go-lucky sweet mom and daughter pair are always excited to make new friends. With they're super sweet and bubbly personalities and adorable faces they will melt your heart within minutes of meeting them. They're adorable matching markings and pink noses make them a one-of-a-kind pair 

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Tony:

Anatolian Shepherd (medium coat)

X-Large Young Male (neutered)

Tony is a tall lovable Anatolian Shepherd about 2 years old. He has some training and knows sit, down, paw commands. As typical of his breed he can be standoffish with those he doesn't know but once he becomes your friend he is a very much a velcro dog who wants to sit in your lap. He weighs about 100 lbs. He would probably be Ok with another female dog if they were introduced and integrated correctly. Due to his size and protective nature he should not live with kids. As a livestock guardian breed, he has not been trained or bonded with a herd and has not been taught that job, but he does need a large securely fenced property with room to roam and needs to stay indoors at night.

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Koda & Bear:

These two have been bounced around and have been in and out of the shelter more times than we can count. At one of the homes, they just left them in the backyard to fend for themselves. In another they left them in the yard for days at a time until they dug themselves out and were picked up by animal control. In the last home they lived in they said they were moving and could not take them with them which is why we are here. This fun-loving and adventurous pair will definitely keep your life interesting. We imagine they have epic tales to tell and through it all they have stuck together. The staff here loves them, they go for long walks every day but the goal is always a forever home. Bear is an 8-year-old terrier mix and Koda is a 7-year-old Carolina dog. Koda can be a little unsure of new people so we are asking potential adopters to spend time with them here at our sanctuary a few times before considering adopting.  

Home ( 

Meet Chocolate & Spice:

This precious duo lost the only home and person they have ever known which is why they are here with us. They are 12 years old and are bonded so they will only be placed in a home together. They both love walks, still play with toys and have fit right in here with our other little dogs. They sleep together curled up in a chair at night and we can only imagine they are dreaming of their forever home. Chocolate does need to lose a little bit of weight and is taking a daily medication to bring her liver levels down. We are hopeful with the proper diet and exercise she will not need the medication in the future. Please consider welcoming this sweet senior pair into your life.  

Home ( 

Meet Glory:

Sweet angel, Glory is a beautiful 7 month old Doberman who was abandoned along with her brother, tied to a pole, sick with Parvovirus. Even after suffering such shameful cruelty, Glory has remained sweet and thankful after receiving the medical care she so desperately needed. She is now on her way to a full recovery!
Glory is gentle, loving, good with other dogs and kids, and urgently needs a home! She has separation anxiety, so an adopter who works from home would be preferable. She also must be kept separate from other dogs while she sheds parvo for the next few weeks. Cats are ok, as they cannot get this virus. A home with a private yard is preferred, as Glory will not be able to get vaccinated for a few weeks until her immune system is strong again, and long walks on public streets are still not safe for her.
*Vaccines and spay will be covered by the rescue.

Meet Saint:

Soulful angel, Saint is a beautiful 7 month old Doberman who was abandoned along with his sister, tied to a pole, sick with Parvovirus. Even after suffering such shameful cruelty, Saint has remained sweet and thankful after receiving the medical care he so desperately needed. He is now on his way to a full recovery!
Saint is gentle, loving, good with other dogs and kids, and urgently needs a home! He also must be kept separate from other dogs while he sheds parvo for the next few weeks. Cats are ok, as they cannot get this virus. A home with a private yard is preferred, as Saint will not be able to get vaccinated for a few weeks until his immune system is strong again, and long walks on public streets are still not safe for him.
*Vaccines and neuter will be covered by the rescue.

Meet Buttercup:

This long haired, ginger girl is one of the sweetest around and loves to just be around you! She was born with her legs being a bit different, but it doesn’t stop her from rushing to see who called for her or to greet someone at the door! Her favorite toy is a large, colorful, plastic spring that rolls on the floor as she chases it. She does well with other cats, but isn’t afraid to ask them to get out of her space. She is loving and does amazing with kids and other cats! 

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Blossom:

 Female Labrador Retriever Mix / 6 Years old

This sweet lady is a 6 year old Lab Mix. Blossom is affectionate with humans once she gets to know you, loves attention and appreciate play time. She needs to be the only pet in adult home (or with kids 12+) and would appreciate having access to a yard.
Blossom is crate traine and potty trained, she’s great in the house, doesn’t bark at other dogs from the yard or on walks. She’s a great walking, running or hiking companion, but is also happy cuddling and being a couch potato. She’s shy with new people, but treats and walks will help her warm up. She chooses her one person and prefers females. A home with a yard is necessary, as she does not potty on walks
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Ragner:

Ragner is a strong, sweet boy who loves long walks and running around the play yard. This wiggle-butt walks well on leash, is a champ at playing fetch, and already knows a couple basic commands. Check out the video on our website where he's showing off "Sit" with one our great volunteers. (He's so gentle when he takes the treat!). Ragner loves attention and gets very excited when someone new comes to meet him! He is a big love-bug and would nothing more than find a forever family to cuddle with. Come meet Ragner today! 

 Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Nathan:

What's up? My name is Nathan and I am a hound dog! I was rescued from a hound transport collaboration through Operation Helping Hounds. I am from back east, so I talk with a little bit of an accent when I bark. I get along with other dogs really well, and would do best in a home with another confident dog. I am learning to walk well on a leash and I would do best in an active household who is willing to give me the structure, consistency and love that I so deserve. I am currently in training, so I can be the best dog ever for you! Consider taking a chance on me and making me part of your home, forever.

Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Benji:

Hey there peeps. Nice to meet ya! My name is Benji and I’m an adorable 1 year old terrier mix. I weigh 20 pounds, and although I do enjoy a good low-key day hanging at home, I’m an adventure boy at heart. I love exploring new places and going for long walks and hikes. I’m silly, stubborn and smart and love to have a good time. I completed a training program where I worked on my leash manners and crate training, and I also learned that I’ll do best in a home that is going to give me structure and boundaries, as well as one with no children. I’m a happy, playful pup and I can’t wait to find the forever family I deserve. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Adam:

Adam was found in a cardboard box with two of his siblings. Outside of the box was a kind adult male cat who looked very much like he was related. We can only assume he was trying to help. We’ll never know exactly why Adam and his siblings were sealed up in that box but we’re extremely grateful for the good samaritan who found them. Adam is in need of a home where he will be cherished for the amazing boy that he is. He is playful, and loves to zoom around a room, just as you’d expect a boy his age to do. He loves playing with toys and a good wrestling match with either of his siblings. When he is all played out, Adam is ready for some snuggle time with his humans. Are you ready to be his favorite one?

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Fred & Ginger:

Fred and Ginger are a fantastic bonded pair of Akitas. They were brought into a shelter in horribly neglected condition and have had surgery to remove badly damaged and infected tissue from their ears. They are thin and were infested with parasites before being treated. They are still in healing process before they will be ready for adoption and any donations towards helping them heal and find forever homes would be very, very and much appreciate

Meet Kahula:

Akita (medium coat) / Large Young Female
Kahlua is a 2 year old and was surrendered because her owner moved and could not keep her. She wants to be an only pet. She has lived with children, but due to her size, we feel she would do best with older kids. She is described by her former owner as sweet, lovable, and very protective of her family. Meet her at #AkitaRanch.

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Samantha:

Samantha, our loving cuddle bug of a girl. Her favorite spot is our “kitchen” countertop, where she can watch what the humans are doing, whether it be setting up a carrier, cleaning, making some kitten food, or even doing dishes, she is by your side trying to help. She loves to be pet and to get belly rubs. Her favorite toy is a ball with bells in it. Sammi is about 5 years old and gets along well with other kitties and is fond of humans. She also loves cat treats and catnip. She adores attention and would make a wonderful friend for anyone looking for a second pair of paws in the kitchen! 

 Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Jill:

Hi new friends! I’m so happy to meet you! My name is Jill. Aren’t I gorgeous? I’m a 4 year old pit bull and  I weigh about 60 pounds. I arrived at Wags with my baby, and now that she’s grown up and found her forever family, it’s my turn! I’m high energy and friendly but also laid back and love to relax. My foster mom says I’m the best of both worlds. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is sunbathing. I could lay outside for hours! It’s a good thing I live in LA! I’m also fond of playing with toys, eating lots of treats and hanging with humans (especially if they give me pets). I’m still working on my leash manners but I’m a smart cookie and and continue to make progress. I’ll make a great addition to any loving home. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be spayed by Wags & Walks.  

  Wags and Walks 

Meet Chinook:

 I am the tomboy in a litter of 6 who came off the streets of Hawthorne. I practice all of my best wrestling moves on my bro-furs. We’re all in a competition to see who can be the most playful. I have a hard time sitting still but when I do, I love to lean up against my foster mom or right on top of my favorite brother. Did I mention I love to play? I keep hearing that a fur-ever home is even better than where I am now so I’m ready to move on. I need another kitten to keep me busy and help me learn good kitten manners. It would be really cool if one of my siblings got to come with me! 

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Porter:

Porter is the confident, energetic, silly guy from a litter of 6 who came off the streets of Hawthorne. He is always the first to the door when the humans arrive. Porter is a very playful guy and when playtime is over, he's always ready for a good snuggle session.

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Kendra:

Senior Terrier 8yrs
Kendra! Such a fuzzy love bug. You can’t help but smile when she does. Now that she had her mammary mass removal surgery she is ready to be somebody’s best little buddy. She handled her surgery and recovered like a champion, her survivor spirit is so amazing to see and she just can't wait to find her forever family. She loves other dogs, and would make a perfect pal!

   Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Barrel:

Senior Coonhound 10yrs

Barrel is a polite older gentleman who loves to be loved. He tries really hard to be good, and succeeds quite nicely. Want a dog who still likes his walk but is a little less bouncy, a dog who would love to spend the evening with you while you occasionally reach over to scratch his ears, well look no further - he is the boy for you.

 Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Blue:

Oh hey there! My name is Blue and I have a heck of a story. I was rescued from the partnership with Costa Mesa Animal Control and I was brought in as an owner surrender. I would do best in a home where I can be the queen of the castle, as I do not do well with other dogs. I get along with humans of all shapes and sizes! I love to run around in the back yard, and would make an amazing family dog for someone who is willing to give me the love and structure I deserve.
From a Priceless Pet Volunteer: "This evening, I had a chance to spend some quality time with another one our beautiful Pitties named Blue. In typical Pittie fashion, she came right up to me as I sat down and she started to give me those gentle kisses to show her gratitude. Blue has been with us for a while now and for the life of me I can't understand it. She is another one of those babies that sits there as you walk by, just waiting for someone to notice her. Every time I look into her soulful eyes, there's something that tugs at my heart. I sense some stoic sadness in those eyes. She is eight years old and it's her time to find a place where she can cuddle on the couch, go on walks, and know she is home. Please come meet her and give her a chance! She will bring you nothing but love!"
"Blue is one of my favorite dogs to walk. She melts my heart when I rub her ears and she looks up and smiles. I hope she finds her forever family soon


Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Dr. Cuddy:

Dr. Cuddy is a striking young lady who exudes confidence in all that she does. This high energy girl is a huge fan of interactive playtime and will chase after a feather as long as you can swing it around. While she has an independent spirit, she still enjoys a good cuddle session. Dr. Cuddy is a gentle girl with humans as well as other cats. She loves company and will likely follow her people around the house. She’s adventurous, curious, and a good conversationalist who is not afraid to ask for what she wants most, attention! Who out there is ready for some fabulous feline companionship?

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Scooby:

Life has certainly dealt this little senior guy some rough cards but here he is still standing. He was starved, lost an eye and then was in the process of being dumped at a county shelter before we welcomed him here. He is 15 years old, super low key, loves to be held and even almost purrs like a kitten when he is in your arms. He is vision impaired so we are looking for a quiet home where he will only know love and compassion for the rest of his days. Please consider making a difference in the life of a precious senior pup and show him people are good.

 Home ( 

Meet Cinder:

Cinder is one of our shyer babies. She loves people and cuddles, but is completely content taking the backseat and just letting you approach her. She is usually in the back of our lounge in the cat tree. She loves the spot, as she can see everything going on, without ever needing to get involved. Cinder is about a year old, and is timid, yet very friendly, she gets picked on by some of our other cats, but gets along well with others. She loves kids and especially loves string toys. Cinder is a wonderful cat for anyone looking for a buddy that is laid back and goes with the flow.  

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Twain:

Hello! My name is Twain. I’m a 2 year old pit bull with dashing good looks and a silly personality to-boot! I weigh 55 pounds, have a soft grey coat and wear the happiest smile you’ve likely ever seen. I’m a very social boy with any human that I meet. Whether I’ve known you for five weeks or five seconds, belly rub needs don’t discriminate! I’m calm yet playful and snuggly yet independent! Basically, I’m the perfect catch. I graduated from doggie school where I learned lots of commands and polite manners, and I also learned that I’ll thrive in a home with no other animals or children. I can’t wait to meet you! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Howard:

Are you in search of a hunky forever best friend? You might be in luck! My name is Howard. I’m a 3.5 year old, 60 lb pit bull mix with soulful brown eyes and flawless winged eyeliner! I arrived at Wags in awful condition, but after lots of TLC from my foster dad, I’m a totally new dog and ready for my forever home! I’m very low energy and well behaved inside the home. I spend most of my time cuddling and I love learning new commands (I know tons already)! I do very well in my crate when my foster dad is home, but I’m still learning how to be comfortable being alone. I’ve done well around other dogs with proper introductions and I am the most gentle boy around all humans, including children. I’m a special pup looking for a special home. Could that be you? I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

 Wags and Walks 

Meet AH:  

(pronounced like a sarcastic scream):

Meet AH, an energetic little boy. He is about 2 years old maybe a bit younger. He has adorable markings on his face that remind us of Charlie Chaplin. He is often found playing with other kittens, or recharging on our couches. His favorite toy is, hilariously, a crumpled up receipt! He loves to bat it around and chase it when it is thrown across the room. He also absolutely adores being held and treated like the little baby he is. He loves to snuggle up to other cats, and does not mind kids. He loves to just curl up in someone’s arms, after a long day of chasing wild pieces of paper. He is also fascinated by the sound of crickets, which can be heard through our back screen door. I am sure if any somehow wiggle their way in, they will have a fierce AH to fight to stay in. His name comes from volunteers screaming sarcastically in surprise when he had the zoomies and “surprised” them when he was a younger kitten, he is now like a member of the Beatles and we all “scream” when we see him. He has a major fanbase here, and would love for you to join.

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions

Meet Piper:

Piper is an absolute sweetheart. She, unfortunately, lost her litter of kittens early in pregnancy, because of that she absolutely adores kittens. She is often found in the center of the room with a youngster, often bathing them or cuddling. This 2-year-olds favorite toy is a piece of fabric attached to a stick, she really enjoys playing with others, human or feline. Piper was adopted once but was brought back when they found out their other cat doesn’t play well with others. While our volunteers were happy to see a wonderful, familiar face, it breaks our hearts that she has yet to find her forever home. Piper is very kind and will brush up on guests’ pant legs and sometimes just sit right in their lap! She is kid-friendly and gets along with other cats, given they do as well.

 Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Monet:

Hello! Were you looking at me? Maybe my soulful eyes? Adorable speckles? I know, I’m pretty cute! My name is Monet and I’m a 3 year old female pit bull mix. I weigh 55 pounds and am a very friendly pup! I love saying hi to new people and making them my best friend right away! I have plenty of kisses and tail wags to go around. I walk nicely on leash and am an all around 10/10 good girl. I know that I’ll make any loving family very, very happy. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Mr. Incredible:

Senior Chihuahua 7yrs

This little guy has a heart of gold, the cutest wiggle butt, and thinks life is one big adventure. It’s impossible not to smile when you’re around him. He would probably do best with someone who can be with him most of the time, as he loves his humans. He would also love another dog in the home to pal around with.

  Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Lady Di:

  Get close enough and this young lady will let out a soft meow to inform you that pets are most welcome. Lady Di is very befitting of her name - distinguished and agreeable. She is always calm, cool, and collected. Never demanding but always ready to give and receive love. Lady Di made a Hermosa Beach neighborhood her “home”. Everyone enjoyed her company. When one of the residents noticed she may be pregnant, one of our fabulous foster moms agreed to take her in. A few days later, she gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. She was a great Mom and now that her babies are weaned, it’s Lady’s time to shine in a permanent home of her own. She enjoys sitting on a perch to observe the outside world but a warm lap is even better. If you are looking for a loving lap kitty who will be totally content just being with you, Lady is the girl for you. She is FeLV+ and would love to be your one and only or a BFF for another FeLV+ cat.

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Benny:

If you are looking for an adventure buddy, Benny is the dog for you!
Benny is a happy and playful 18 month old husky/shepherd mix. He is always up for a good time and would love to be a loyal companion for someone with an active lifestyle. Benny is athletic and loves to play fetch; he would be an awesome frisbee and agility dog!
Benny is house trained, crate trained and looking for a home with adults/ kids 12+ due to his exuberant puppy energy.

Benny is good with other dogs in the home but not cats. He's been fully vaccinated.

Meet Bowie:

This little guy is Bowie. We pulled him from a county shelter over 3 years ago with his son. His son was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer and passed away in 2019.
Bowie never gets any interest 🥲. He does take a minute to warm up to men and we think would be best as an only dog. He is one of our longest residents here and we would love to see him live the years he has left in a cozy and loving home. We think he is 11 years old, only weighs 10lbs and is probably Chi and Corgi. He walks great on a leash, loves toys and keeps his room here incredibly neat. Thank you for helping Bowie be seen. ❤️

Home ( 

Meet Coco:

Meet our sleepy kitten, Coco! This tiny torti is super sweet and loves cuddles! Her favorite spot is cuddled up with guests, volunteers, or one of our other kitties. She absolutely loves anyone and everyone, she is always ready to kneed out some biscuits! Today her favorite spot was laying with our senior grandma, she gave her a really good back massage with those colorful paws! Her favorite toy is rope or string attached to a stick, altho she was very interested in “helping” a volunteer paint the walls. She, like many cats, is petrified of a vacuum and will run for cover. Coco is amazing with other cats, and any human willing to give her some attention.

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Lexi:

Lexi is one of the newest to join our crew, straight out of her two-week quarantine! She is super loving and has been following every new volunteer she meets. She has been a doll and is absolutely adorable. This one-year-old seems to hang out where the people are if they are with the kittens - she is with the kittens, scooping litter- she is supervising, folding laundry - she is helping, she picks a person for the day and stays with them until they leave. Her favorite toy seems to be a rope on a string, though was very excited when a volunteer dropped a hair scrunchy. She seems to get along well with other cats and people, tho is a little shy to loud kids and vacuums. The loud kid she did eventually warm up to, the vacuum is still evil in her (and most of our cats) opinion. 

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Phineas:

Hi people! Nice to meet you, I’m Phineas. I’m a 3 year old pit bull mix, and yes I’ll teach you how to do winged eyeliner. I’m a big floppy puppy at 80 pounds, but don’t worry- I’ve been told I have nice manners. I went to training school and learned all kinds of basic commands, how to walk nicely on leash and how to love my crate. I like to hangout in the sun and I do well with other large dogs…just ask my four legged foster sister! I can be a stubborn boy, so I’ll do best in a home without young children, though I’ve made lots of teenager friends! I’m the perfect combination of active and low key. I love going on outdoor adventures (and I LOVE car rides!) but am also more than happy to hang on the couch all day- I’m a fantastic cuddle buddy. I can’t wait to be someone’s forever buddy! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Brave:

Brave is a wiggly, playful 10 month old Pittie mix with a ton of energy!

Brave is a high energy dog who will need an active and patient human to keep him physically exercised and mentally stimulated. He loves water and playing tug, and will no doubt be an amazing hiking/beach buddy to some lucky adopter. He would love for his human(s) to continue his training in order to help him be the best boy he can be!

Brave will be happiest in a home with no other dogs and teenaged children only.

Meet Zander:


Medium Young Male (neutered)

Poor Zander was turned in at the night drop at the Yucca Valley shelter. He weighs about 85lbs. He plays "Akita fetch", knows sit, lay down, takes treats gently and is good in the car! Sometimes he can be fearful of tall men but we are learning about him and working with him to adjust. He has not been trained to walk on leash yet, and can be at times jumpy and mouthy like a puppy. A handsome, loving young boy he just needs a home and owner that can give Zander the leadership he deserves!

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Florence:

Hello, pals! My name is Florence and I am one of the happiest, most lovable dogs you’ll ever meet. I’m a  7 year old pit bull weighing in at about 50 pounds. An old injury (prior to my arrival at Wags) caused me to go blind in one eye, but don’t worry- it doesn’t affect me at all! In fact, the people at Wags say it makes me even more beautiful. I’m a goofy and friendly girl, and although I’m always down for an adventure, I’m also a major cuddle bug. I love spending time with my humans no matter what we’re doing! I do well in my crate and walk nicely on leash with a confident handler. I’m a super special girl and I know I’ll keep you smiling and laughing if you take me home forever. I promise! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be spayed by Wags & Walks.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Tango:

Tango joined us from an LA City Shelter after she was hit by a car and required medical care they could not provide. She had two extensive medical exams. We learned she really just needed time to heal and some meds to ease the pain of her encounter with the car. Tango is happy, healthy, and pain free now. She is a fabulously quirky young lady who is ready for a home where she will always be appreciated for the loving, yet sassy and chatty gal that she is. Tango knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t. Laps? Yes, please! She is a lap-hopper. Sit down, and you have an immediate friend. Naps? In her favorite sunny spot. Playtime? When she’s feeling it. Snuggles? Sign her up. Water? From the paw please. (see video) Although she loves people and affection, at times she may get overstimulated and need a break. Tango is confident and very much a people cat so there won’t be a lack of attention from her. She often saunters up to volunteers and stares at them, waiting for her invitation to sit on their lap or cuddle up on their shoulder. She also has an affinity for helping with paperwork. Tango will do best with a person who will take the time to get acquainted with this unique little lady and the ways she likes to be given affection and the signals she gives when she needs a break. We’re also getting a sense that she would prefer to be the only cat. Who is ready for this independent yet loving lady?

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Dottie:

Meet Dottie! She is about 6 months old and is a sweetheart. She loves to be anywhere high, she likes to people watch. Her favorite toy is a fake mouse, but only if others are playing with it. She also loves string toys, and treats! She absolutely loves people and kids! She works well with other cats and is known to snuggle up with another on the cat tree, or our shelves if there is room. We wouldn’t be surprised if her future family said that she stays on top of the fridge, watching them cook. She likes to just watch people, she is intrigued by what humans do. She does come down from her tower sometimes to eat and play. She also has been known to lay and type on keyboards, perhaps she wants to be an author one day.

Cat Nap Hangout & Adoptions 

Meet Checkers:

Domestic shorthaired  / 1 year old Male
sweet docile black & white cat who loves affection and pets! He's usually found lounging around campus with the other cats.  Check out this cute video.

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Bella:

Bella is a spry 11 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix with a dashing pirate smile. She is looking for a home with no other pets and does very well with people of all ages. He favorite toy is a tennis ball and she definitely enjoys a game of fetch. Bella is a big fam or car rides and tummy rubs. She even knows several basic commands and appears to be house trained! If she may be the pup for you, please give us a call at 772-223-8822 or stop on by!

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Hale:

If dogs could talk, we have a feeling Hale would have a lot to tell us about his previous life and all about himself. We would first like to know what happened that led Hale to become a stray in the Northwest area of Florida. He was picked up by animal control and started a new chapter in his life when he was rescued by Houndhaven. In his own way, he thanks us every day for rescuing him, and we let him know we will find him a home that will never let him go astray again.

Hale is a handsome, two-year-old black lab mix. He came to Houndhaven underweight and is still gaining weight. He weighs about 48 pounds and is a happy, energetic boy. Hale has personality with a capital “P”. He loves being outside so he can hunt for lizards and is usually looking up in the sky at birds as they fly overhead. He has had a couple of girlfriends that he has had great fun running around the play yards with, and I think the girls are in awe at how fast he can run.

When Hale isn’t enjoying the great outdoors, he can be found throwing his Nylabone chew toy around in his kennel and entertains himself for quite a while. We know he’s having a great time because he makes funny little growly noises while he is throwing the bone around, which again, makes us think if he could talk, he would be saying, “this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” Hale is eager to please, and knows “sit”, but would surely learn much more if given the opportunity by a family. Even though he is a lively boy, he takes treats gently, gives sweet kisses, and loves to snuggle.

If you’ve been looking for a new addition that is fun, handsome, animated, loving, and all around amazing…Hale is the one for you! We know if Hale could talk, he would tell you he would love you with all of his heart and be sure to make each day with his new family fun, fun, fun! Information about Hale and his great friends at Houndhaven can be found by visiting to review our adoption policies and procedures and to complete an application.

A Safe Haven For Dogs Of All Kinds – Minneola, Fla 

7-8 months female pit bull. Mira came to the Sunrise Humane Society with horrible painful skin as she was dumped overnight at the shelter. Today with a lot of love and care from the Sunrise Humane Society of Fort Pierce, Florida, Mira sports a beautiful coat of coal grey fur! Adores stuffed animals! She loves people but is not great with other dogs.

 Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Maia:

Maia is a sweet senior lady who doesn’t know how to act her age. At 14 years old, she is as lively as kitty half her age. Maia came into our care back in June when her owner had to move into an assisted living facility. She has adjusted well to shelter life, but is ready for a new home to call her own. For more information on this adorable lady, please give HSTC a call at 772-223-8822.

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast

Meet Kingsly:

Meet staff and volunteer favorite Kingsly! This cutie is around 5 years old and we think he may be an American Pit Bull Terrier mix. What we do know for sure is that Kingsly is an ace at making “sad puppy-dog eyes”, snuggling, and he walks very well on leash. He is picky about his dog friends and would appreciate a meet-and-greet before going home with any potential doggie siblings. He has begun learning commands such as “sit” while he has been with us and keeps his kennel very tidy. If you’re looking for a snuggling pit, look no further! Kinglsy and all of his adoptable friends can be viewed online at 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Tank:

Basset Hound Mix
2-year old Male / 41lbs
 He's a very calm and relaxed dog. Tank will come when called and knows how to sit. He takes treats gently. He is such a handsome boy, just click on the play button above to see his video. Tank will do best in a home with no other male dogs. He enjoys the company of female dogs. Tank may also not do well with cats who taunt him. 

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Addie:

Hello, my name is Addie.  I came into the shelter as a stray. They believe I may be a Rotti Mix, and guessing about 1 ½ years old.  I really like some people, but then some people make me nervous (some men).  So, please go slow with me and be patient.  I’m really trying and will warm up soon, so I can find my forever home!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Kelly:

Hi, My name is Kelly.  I'm a 3-year old Female Hound Mix breed.  I'm very sweet, but I think a slow introduction to other dogs would be needed.  Even though I'm young, I think I would be best with a calm family with no small children.  I'm really looking forward to landing in my forever home!  Please check out my video.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Charlie:

At a little over 9 years old, Charlie is a very young senior cat. He came into our care in late September with a broken leg that need to be amputated. He has adjusted very well to life as a 3 legged cat. He is handsome, playful, and loves using his scratching posts. Charlie is currently hanging out at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Remi:

2 year old Redbone Coon Hound Male Neutered – Handsome boy with a lot of energy, but polite. Loves people, has some training and would make a perfect addition to any home! 

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Marley:

Marley is a 6.5 year old American Pit Bull Terrier Mix looking for her new fur-ever home. She would prefer a home with older children and without other pets. Marley enjoys going for short jogs and playing with toys. She walks very well on leash and keeps a very tidy kennel. Marley even knows a few basic commands such as “sit”!

Ready to meet this fun lady? 

 Marley is a HSTC Dolly’s Dream Dog! This means her adoption fee has been sponsored AND she comes with a bunch of extra goodies to help her adjust to her new home. Some of these bonus goodies include a crate and a FREE 6 week training class!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet King:

Batman and his brother King are both very special kitties looking for the purr-fect home for them. They are both Feline Leukemia Positive (FeLV+) and need home with either no other cats or other FeLV+ cats as they do not want to spread this to any negative kitties. Batman is about 3.5 years old and very outgoing and sweet once he warms up to his new surroundings. For more information on what it means to adopt a FeLV+ cat, please give the staff at HSTC a call at 772-223-8822. Batman and King are both accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter located at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Lily:

Bulldog, American 
2-Year old Female / 55lbs
Lily has a beautiful soft white coat. She takes treats gently and knows how to sit and shake. She is very energetic and loves to play but at the end of the day she likes to relax in her bed.  

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Popi:

Hi, I'm Popi, a 2-year old Male Lab Mix.  I was surrendered due to my owners lost their home.  I haven't been trained well on a leash as you probably can see from my video, so I do tend to pull and get excited to see people so I jump up.  I'm working on those behaviors, so no kids please.  I would have to be well socialized with another dog until I get used to them.  So, maybe I would be best in an adult only home and be your only pet.  I would also LOVE a fenced in yard to release some of my energy.  I need some tender, loving patience and then I will be your best friend for life.  Please come by to visit me.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Batman:

Batman and his brother King are both very special kitties looking for the purr-fect home for them. They are both Feline Leukemia Positive (FeLV+) and need home with either no other cats or other FeLV+ cats as they do not want to spread this to any negative kitties. Batman is about 3.5 years old and very outgoing and sweet once he warms up to his new surroundings. For more information on what it means to adopt a FeLV+ cat, please give the staff at HSTC a call at 772-223-8822. Batman and King are both accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter located at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Harmony:

This sweet Siamese is a absolute doll. 3years spayed female. Cat friendly and loves people.

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Rocky:


My name is Rocky, and I found myself at a high kill shelter for being a wallflower. Dogs and Cats Forever saved me from that shelter. I'm good with other dogs, but a slow introduction is always recommended. I love to go on long walks, and would enjoy a fenced-in yard. I do get excited and pull on the leash, but with some extra training I'd be perfect. I'm really looking forward to finding my forever home!

 Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Bobbi:

2 years young, spayed female. She's queen of at cat house and a totally social “Catterfly”. Loves attention. Short tail but not personality! Cat friendly and would do well in a multi cat home

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  


Meet Timber:

 2 yrs male neutered, hound mix  Timber is a friendly dog who participates in play but isn't a "nudge" who pushes play.  He does have lots of energy, though, and does love to play.  He is an independent, confidant dog who is not "needy" for attention.  Can "give" the ball when asked, "leave it" to leave a toy alone and "sit".

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society   

Meet Max:

Domestic shorthair Tabby / 4 years Old

I was found wandering the streets looking for someone to love me. I am a typical Tabby boy who loves my food, toys, treats and especially my catnip. I can be picky with who I share my territory with but most of the time I will get along with anybody. Someone who has plenty of free time to give me attention is my ideal home.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Walter:

Hound / Mixed  
6-year old Male / 49 lbs

 When Walter was brought into the shelter he was severely emaciated. Slowly he has been gaining his weight back and has won over the hearts of all the staff here at sunrise. He is a gentle giant who takes treats gently and just wants love. Walter does suffer from Chronic Dry eye meaning he will most likely need eye drops for the duration of his life.  

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Lexi:

Lexi is a super sweet, people loving 2.5 year old German Shepherd. Her favorite activities are playing and running. She knows several basic commands such as “sit” and has lived with children in the past. What makes Lexi unique is that she has a medical condition called Megaesophagus. Due to this condition, Lexi has to eat upright in a special chair (called a Bailey’s Chair) and maintain a very strict feeding schedule. She doesn’t let this stop her from acting like a regular dog! Lexi has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite; it is hard not to fall in love with this adorable lady.

If this special needs pup sounds like she may be the one for you, please give us a call at 772-223-8822!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Shaq:

 I'm Shaq and I am a totally chill dude! At 7 years young, I am well past the puppy stage and have wonderful house manners. I love to cuddle and hang-out with you - inside and outside! I'm the perfect binge-watching buddy! Some of my other favorite activities are going for walks and playing with tennis balls. I adore people of all ages; I'm a pretty friendly guy.

I get along well with other dogs but I can sometime play a bit too rough, so I'd prefer a home without kitties, critters, or teeny dogs.

I'm enjoying the comforts of a foster home!

Give the shelter a call at 772-223-8822 for more information about me and to set up a meeting with my foster!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Beans 

Beans may seem a little grumpy sometimes, but you probably would too if you ended up living in a cage at the age of 14!

BUT, don’t let him fool you! Beans is actually a nice guy and he likes to PLAY! Beans needs a home that will let him be himself and enjoy some play time and nap time and love on his own terms (he does enjoy being brushed!!)

Thanks to our friends at Florida Native Grill Cleaning for sponsoring Beans’ adoption fee! Beans is currently accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. Any questions? Visit us online at or give us a call at 772-223-8822.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Toby:

gray tabby striped male
Toby aka ‘Toby the Talker’ is a happy three year old boy who will tell you his life story if you’ve got a minute.
He is great With other cats and people of all ages. He would be a perfect family cat for any family. He was brought in as a stray cat but he
loves everybody he meets.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Pastrami:

1 year old Female
Extremely cuddly Domestic shorthair cat.  She loves people and gets along well with fellow mates.  Pastrami also gives a lot of kisses to the people she loves.

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Zeke:

Black Labrador Mix  / 4 years Old / 80 lbs

Likes to run and play a little bit but tires out after a few rounds of playing fetch with the ball. When he tires out, he loves nothing more than relaxing in the peace and quiet. You'll know it's cuddle time when he lays beside you and rolls over to show his big’o belly waiting belly rubs. He will share the couch, share the love, and affection; but does NOT like to share his food bowl. He would make a great family dog as long the family does NOT have any small children. Teenagers would be acceptable. He is going to be most happy in a home with someone who likes to play a little but love A LOT.

Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Nala:

2 year old female pit. Very good girl, sits on command and gives paw. Takes treats gently. Will be easy to continue training. Enjoys petting but will not pester for constant attention. Needs some work on leash walking, but just wants to please the humans in the room.

 Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Grandma Pippin:

Grandma Pippin arrived at HSTC as a stray in late October. While we don’t know anything about her past, our medical team was quick to discover that Grandma Pippin is diabetic. Her diabetes is currently regulated with a combination of insulin and a special diet. She is a petite little lady and is one of your youngest senior kitties at only 9 years old. Grandma Pippin was in a foster home where it was discovered that she would probably prefer to be the only feline in her new home. For more information on Grandma Pippin, give us a call at 772-223-8822.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Dumpling:

DMS 4yrs Male/neutered – Large handsome man loves watching birds out the window, lots of attention and affection! Was an Owner Surrender and would love nothing more then getting to enjoy home life with a new family

 Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society  

Meet Emma:


Hi there, my name is Emma and I'm a Dalmatian mix, 8-9 years old. I'm a very good girl, but can be territorial with my food and other animals. I would be best as an only dog with older or no children. I love to run around so I need a fenced in yard. I'm very friendly and loyal. Ask to come meet me, and I'll give you 101 reasons to take me home!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Frankie:

My name is Frankie and I am a 9 year old sweetheart. I have been at the shelter since March and I really can’t understand why I am getting overlooked so often. Maybe if I was a cute bouncy kitten somebody would want me.

 The volunteers say that I love getting my head rubbed and stretching my legs outside of my kennel. When the volunteers pick me up, I don’t fuss at all. I am just happy with any attention I can get! I play gently and was regularly around children in my previous home and did great. I would love a home with a screened porch so I can smell the fresh air but I’m not picky!

 I am FIV+ which is not a big deal at all! I am still a healthy and happy boy. To learn more about FIV you can go to this website:

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast 
Meet Wonder:

Wonder came to HSTC in January of 2021 when she wasn’t feeling well and her owner was not able to provide adequate care. We determined that Wonder was diabetic and quickly began regulating her diabetes with a special diet and insulin. Wonder is a very sweet, calm and quiet cat. She likes to be brushed and to watch out the window. Wonder is 13 years young and her adoption has been sponsored by a very generous donor! She is accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL and can also be viewed online at

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Poseiden:

3-year old Male
Poseiden is a Domestic Medium Hair Cat.  He was a surrender covered in fleas infecting his coat.  He loves getting pets, but not being picked up.  Poseiden is recovering very well as you can see from this video from his unfortunate infestation of fleas.

 Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society   

Meet Rufas:

3 year old male neutered hound. Cuddle bug has some training. Enjoys having his ears scratched, walks well on a leash. Goofy and fun personality
 Humane Society | Sunrise Humane Society   

Meet George:

3-years-old / Male

George can be timid but really shines when out with his canine pals. He can often be seen running and playing in the Bark Park, with his tongue flying in the wind. Meet him at HSNEGA where until October 31, for Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, his adoption fee is $25 off!

Meet Bleep:

Female /3-years-old

BEEP BEEP! Here's Bleep!

Move over boys! Bleep is an independent and athletic girl who is always ready to play. In playgroups, she's never shy when it comes to hanging with the boys and generally tends to do best when in their company. Bleep would do well in a home with an active and experienced owner who can match her energetic nature. Don't be fooled, though. As much as she loves being active, after a long play session there is nothing more she enjoys than snuggling up with her favorite people... perhaps that person is you!?

Please note that meet and greets are required if you currently have any other dogs in your home.

Meet Canela:

6-year-old Female

Canela, a 6-year-old Retriever mix, is as sweet as she is playful. Not to mention… she is quite intelligent as well (she knows commands like sit and shake)! She would love to be a big lap dog to someone who enjoys cuddling up together.

Meet Chief:

Male /3-year Old
A little timid at first, Chief really shines when he is in playgroups with his other canine pals. He spends all morning running and chasing his friends before visiting his favorite humans for a pet or two.

                          Meet Angelicat:                         

Female /3-year-old

Fluffy and grey, Angelicat will chase away all of your bad days. She would absolutely love to be your one and only. Meet her at HSNEGA Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.

Meet Judi:

Female / 1-year-old

While most dogs Judi's age want to run and play, this kind-hearted 1-year-old would be happy just by your side or taking a nap. She's the perfect summer movie buddy!

Meet Alice:

Female /2-years-old

Alice is always lending a helping hand in the HSNEGA Cat Room! Anytime you walk by, you'll always see this 2-year-old's helpful paw reaching out to greet you.

Meet Jennings:

Male / 3-years-old

 Jennings is one playful boy! He would make a great companion for someone who enjoys spending time/working outdoors that is looking for a friend to keep them company. If you're looking for a brave, active, and (most importantly) loyal friend, Jennings is your guy!

Personality traits: Athletic, Curious, Independent, Brave, Protective

Meet Jaq:

 2-Years-Old Male

Jaq is one social pup! He loves to be around other dogs and often helps the more shy dogs have fun during playgroups. This 2-year-old also enjoys time with his human pals too

 Meet Thomas:

Male /6-Years-Old

Thomas is as soft as satin and as sweet as sugar. Despite his fur color, this affectionate 6-year-old will have you feeling anything but grey. Until October 31, for Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, Thomas has his adoption fee $25 off!

Meet Minnie:

3-year-old / Female

Minnie doesn't enjoy sitting in laps but she will ask you for pets anytime. Give this 3-year-old some extra affection at HSNEGA's Adoption Center Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.

Meet Dexter & Po:

These 2 boys are a bonded pair that are looking for a hero to adopt them together! They have lived together their whole lives and have recently ended up in our shelter. Dexter is a  ~12 yr old cattle dog mix and Po is ~9 yr old basset hound mix! Both dogs are said to be house broken, good with kids, know “sit,” and love to cuddle and be around people. Do you have room in your heart for 2 super seniors? 
Please email for more info or stop by to see them today!

Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Clint & Summer:

 6-year-okd Clint (black and white) was at another shelter who lost their lease before coming to us. This sweet guy loves to play and is super friendly. What he loves most of all though is his girlfriend, Summer (4 years okd). The two are absolutely inseparable and we would love to get them a home together.   Summer is also super sweet. Both are healthy and have recently had good bloodwork and some dental surgery.  

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation 

Meet Irina:

At 10 years old, Irina’s owner never spayed and when she became pregnant, her owner brought her to Animal Care Centers in NY. This pregnant gal was then transferred to the Ladew Cat Sanctuary in Long Island where she had her only kitten, Boris,(who has since been adopted, and it’s really too bad they couldn’t go out as a bonded pair).
Irina was super shy when she came in, but now has become a social butterfly. She’s been spayed and is a sweet & petite little lady who just recently had dental surgery and is healthy and ready for a new home

 Patricia H. Ladew Foundation

Meet Pablo:

Pablo (or DJ Pablo) as he is also commonly referred to is the life of the party.  At 9 years young, this guy gets along great with other cats, is super affectionate and a class clown.  He recently lost his home when his owner passed away and is looking to make beautiful music with a new family. 

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation 

Meet Jennie:

Beautiful Jennie starts out shy but once she gets to know you she’s a head- butting, belly-rub loving gal.  Jennie came from a home with other cats, so is used to the roommate situation. She has no health concerns but would probably prefer a quieter home where she can blossom.

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation 


Meet Chili:

Is a 3 year old female Husky mix
She Weighs 70 pounds
Is good with other medium to large assertive dogs
Appears to be potty trained
Walks nicely on a leash
Is high energy and a bit nervous loading up, but enjoys car rides once inside the vehicle

Chili is remarkably intelligent and people oriented. She bonds deeply with her handlers, showering them with love and affection. Chili has a true husky spirit! She will flourish with a family who understands the breed and can provide structure and boundaries, and her optimal home is one with an active family or another high energy dog to play with.Chili is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue 

Meet Blue:

Not sure how I got that name but that’s what it’s always been and  foster mom hasn’t changed it yet. So probably whoever adopts me will.   Anyway I sure could use a new home. My previous owner passed away and I ended up at the shelter. I was not doing well at all there so they convinced foster mom to bring me to her house. I like it here but would love a home of my own.
I get along with everyone and have lots of toys to play with. As you can see I love to play ball. I mind pretty well too. I really don’t like to be crated but I’m trustworthy in the house especially with a pet door. I know basic obedience and walk nicely on a leash as well. 

So if you are in need of a new best friend please apply today!

Spayed female
2 years old
Heartworm negative on prevention
Current on shots
House trained
Uses pet door
Does not like crating
Good with people and other dogs
Not tested with cats or children

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 

Meet Yahtze:

Yahtze is my name and playing is my game! I love balls! Tennis balls, big red balls, or any color! I also love to chase bugs.  I’ve discovered bees,  flies, dragonflies anything that flies is so much fun to chase! I guess I’m just a fun loving girl. I also love to eat. I was so underweight when I was first rescued that I looked more like a skinny greyhound than a German Shepherd. Foster mom was feeding me three times a day but I’m really starting to fill out now. I still love to eat though and really look forward to dinner time. I do have a bit of a sensitive stomach so foster mom cooks white rice and oatmeal for me and mixes it with Nutro chicken and brown rice as that is what I do the best on. So my new family has to promise to feed me that way and I’ll be fine.

The family that found me loved to play Yahtze and I loved to watch. So they decided that was my name. They also had children which I adored so I am fine with children. I love the other dogs although I’d rather play with balls than with them but I get along fine with them. I haven’t met any cats so I really don’t know if I’d like them or not. But I know I would love to be your new best friend so if you’d like me to be yours please fill out an application.

Spayed female2 years old, about 65 pounds
Heartworm negative and on prevention
House and crate trained
Current on vaccinations
Good with people and children
Good with other dogs, Not cat tested

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 

Meet Taco:

2 year old Pit Bull/Cattle dog mix

Weighs 55 pounds, but we are working to get him up to 65

Is good with other dogs & enjoys riding in the car

Appears to be potty trained and walks nicely in a harness

Is high energy

This Taco is of the soft variety! He is submissive, shy and gentle when meeting new people, but still very affectionate. He loves to spend time inside with those he loves and makes a peaceful companion. Playing with other dogs is another favorite pastime, particularly when it is with a cute girl! Taco can be very high energy at times and will need a home that can provide a constructive outlet for exercise. Always smiling, this dapper boy has an amazingly sweet personality and just wants a peaceful home with a family to treasure and enjoy.

Taco is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

 Highland Lakes Canine Rescue 

Meet Gypsy:

-1.5 years old, 25 lbs
-good with other dogs & appears to be potty trained
-walks nicely... but usually ends up being carried-- because she's a PRINCESS!
-is medium to high energy
-vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative
Gypsy wants to be spoiled rotten. 
Content to spend time lounging inside, Gypsy's a first rate snuggler and VERY affectionate. She does great with other dogs but would not mind being the only dog at home either. 
Gypsy has bursts of energy, but is good just hanging inside playing with toys. 
 She is too social to be left alone for a full time work schedule. 
Princesses needs attention!
Small dogs are almost impossible to find in shelters right now. 
If you like her, please apply fast. 
Snoozing is losing when it comes to small, sweet, potty trained shelter dogs.

Meet Flash:

Fluffy boy Flash is mellow and sweet. He has affectionate moments but is also very independent and prefers to receive pets and love on his own terms. He enjoys wide open spaces and would be happiest in a setting with plenty of room for him to explore and roam. Flash has been through a lot of changes recently and needs a low key home where he can relax. We are searching for a peaceful, patient forever family that will love him for the handsome stoic that he is! Flash is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.
Is a male Newfoundland (or Landseer) mix
Is 4.5 years old
Weighs 85 pounds
Walks nicely on a leash
Is good with other low key dogs
Will load up into a car, but does not enjoy car rides
Appears to be potty trained
Is low to medium energy
Is not good in a home with children or a small yard

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue  

Meet Conan:

Just thought you might like to know, I’m named after Conan O’Brien a late night talk show host as I can be vocal at times. Not Conan the barbarian or destroyer. That’s not me! Anyway, I am a sweet guy in search of a new forever home preferably with no chickens, so if you would like me to come live with you please fill out an application! Love, Conan 

Well here I am looking for a new home again. I was adopted from the shelter but lost my new home and was returned. You see, the neighbor had chickens and I just couldn’t help myself! Over the fence I went, and then back to the shelter. I thought they wanted to play, but the neighbors were not amused at all. The chickens weren’t very happy either. I’ve never tried to jump the fence here because I have friends and there are no chickens on the other side.  I like the other dogs here, Rosita is my favorite. I wonder if she’s my Mom as we came from the same shelter and she makes me behave. And we sure look a lot alike. Whoever owned me before never gave me Heartworm prevention so now I have those nasty Heartworms. Foster mom started me on slow kill and will give meds and instructions to my new family, or we can discuss doing the quick kill if they prefer and can keep me calm and quiet for the duration.  

Neutered male
2 years old
Current on shots
Heartworm positive, slow kill started but can do quicker method after adoption if preferred
House and crate trained
Good with other dogs and people but needs help with manners
Not cat or child tested
Not okay with chickens

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas (

Meet Cameron:

This handsome guy is Cameron and he is taking applications for his forever home. He is a big sweet guy but needs a very competent experienced owner. He hasn’t had any training other than what his foster mom is giving him and he is very stubborn. He would do well going to training. Cameron is very food motivated and also loves affection.  He is gentle but probably wouldn’t be good in a household with children under the age of 12 because of his size. Cameron once had a home but his owners decided they didn’t have time for him so they took him to a very high kill shelter and left him there. With the help of several wonderful people Cameron made it all the way up here from South Texas.
He was extremely underweight and his coat was dull and brittle  but he‘s  now gaining weight and his fur is getting thick and shiny. He loves to play with the ball; he’s not that great at bringing it back to you and will carry it around in his mouth. And also because of the neglect Cameron is heartworm positive. We’ve started the slow kill and will provide all meds but will work with the adopter if they would prefer to do a quicker method after adoption.

Neutered male
3 years old
Current on shots
Heartworm positive, slow kill started
House and crate trained
Not tested with cats or children
Good with some dogs
Experienced adopters only
75-80 lbs

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 

Meet Cubby:

Hi ! My name is Cubby and I would love to be your new best friend. I’m shy at first but once I know you I love to get lots of petting and treats. I was terrified of everything when I was rescued. My best friend Queenie helped me find my confidence.  With her help and foster Mom giving me lots of good food I started coming out of my shell. I’m very trainable for treats and I think I’m pretty smart. I know how to use a pet door and have never had any accidents. Foster mom gets frustrated when she tries to take pictures of me as I make sure my ears are cupped. As soon as she gives up they just seem to stand up all the way. She tells me I have a beautiful tail. And I’m very handsome. She also thinks I look like a little bear cub so she started calling me Cubby. So if you would like a new best friend please fill out an application for me!  Love, Cubby 

Neutered male
1 year old / About 65 lbs
Heartworm negative and on prevention,Current on shots, Microchipped
House trained and Uses pet door
Shy at first, but Loves other dogs
Not tested with children or cats

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 

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My Rescues, Dax & Dixie

Meet Dax & Dixie:

These are my Border Terriers Brother/Sister combo I rescued following the Passing of my first Border Terrier, Trixie.  They were found roaming the streets of Coco Beach, Florida during an outbreak of Rabies.  They had to first be sheltered for 90 days before going into a foster home in Mims, Florida.

I was only looking for one rescue dog some seven weeks after I had to put Trixie down(Please see the Tribute to Trixie page).
But when I got to the foster home and saw that they were siblings and had been through so much together, I couldn’t separate them and take the chance that someone else would take both of them.  So on Valentines day 2019, I took them both home and since there was no official paperwork, I made Valentine’s day their official date of birth as they were about 1 year old at the time they were rescued.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because as I have observed them these past 2+ years this tandem absolutely loves one another and it was not meant for them to ever be separated. 

Tribute To Trixie

My Beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie.

Learn How Our Journey Began

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