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Meet Violet:

You can’t help but fall in love when you stare into Violet’s honey brown eyes! And then those floppy puppy ears that perk up every time she is happy to see you 🥺

Approximately 2 years old, 40 lb.
Was found pregnant and wondering the streets in New Mexico, although young, this girl is very mature!
Intelligent and quick-to-learn! Knows “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “stop”, and currently mastering “place”
Preferably no cats or tiny dogs, medium and up dogs should be okay with proper introductions! I think she’d love another doggy sibling to play with 🙂

Violet is as sweet as she is smart! She thinks she is a lap dog and wants to lay on your lap anytime possible, and if your lap isn’t available, she will be at your side or by your feet. This girl is as loyal as they come and will thrive in a home with little humans as she just wants to play with and protect her two-legged siblings ❤ Violet is the perfect mix of puppy and maturity as she loves to play either with you or with her toys, but when play time is done, she’s ready to cuddle up for a nap and relax on her own or with you! She is crate trained and goes in with no fuss! She is house potty trained and will only have an accident inside if she has to go badly and she can’t get outside for some reason. Violet will go to the door to let you know when she needs to go to the bathroom too! She loves having her doggy toys and will carry them through the house with her❤️ Occasionally she will go for a small shoe if it’s lying around, but the second you tell her “stop”, she will drop it and go to her own toys. She has been practicing her commands and doing so well with them, she is SO smart and will do great will anything you can teach her!

Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue 

Meet Hunter:

Hunter is a healthy, handsome 13 year old senior who is looking for a home that loves to brush him and dote on him. Hunter was adopted from Friends for Life 10 years ago, and was recently turned in as a stray to an organization in Oshkosh, WI.  Our volunteers flew to WI to bring him home, and at this point  he has decided he wants all the love to himself, and wants to be an only pet. Hunter is still very playful and does not act 13.  He has had a full medical work up and is very healthy. He is looking for a human to spend his golden years with.  Hunter is currently living in a foster home so contact us to schedule a meet and greet with this handsome fella.  

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Meet Little Foot:

Welcome back sweet Little Foot 🖤 We are feeling pretty lucky to be reunited with our sweet wiggle butt now that he is not-so-Little Foot anymore! His family loved him so very much but knew he needed an outlet for his adventurous spirit that they simply could not provide. We are so grateful they made the selfless decision to bring him back to us, and are so excited for this next chapter in his life. We welcomed Little Foot back this week with with open arms, his very own dinosaur cuddle buddy & a few new dog friends. He has been a perfect gentleman with all of our dogs and absolutely adores every person he has met here. He spends most of his day playing with our dogs outside but is sure to smother us with kisses every time he comes in. Little Foot is doing an excellent job with his basic obedience. He definitely needed a refresher on crate manners but is doing a much better job with consistency and patience. At only 1 year old, this sweet 40-45lb husky/shep/pit mix is an energizer bunny! His perfect fit will embrace his energy & fill his life with adventure 🖤 in the meantime, we are loving every minute with our sweet boy.

Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue   

My Boyfriend:

Some of our dogs need very exceptional adopters that are willing to open their homes and hearts to dogs with special needs.  My Boyfriend is looking for that special person.  My Boyfriend is a 10 year old Chihuahua that came to us from Maricopa County Animal Control when he was turned in as a stray.  We fell in love with this guy’s snaggle tooth smile and knew we couldn’t leave him behind.  We immediately got him into our vet and he was diagnosed with stage 2 heart disease.  He has one oral nasal fistula (a hole in his mouth that goes to the nasal area) and his other canine is loose and probably has a fistula starting on that one.  With his heart condition, dental surgery is not an option.  He currently is on two different medications to help him with his heart disease.  Despite these ailments, it  does not seem to slow this guy down.  My boyfriend has a nice level of energy and loves to go for walks.  His favorite pastime is to roll in the grass!  He is very affectionate and loves to park himself on your lap and get those belly rubs.  If you think you are the one that can offer this guy a safe place to land to spend the balance of his life, we would love to meet you.

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Meet Hero:

Hero is a 2-year old Shepherd Mix who's a shy, polite gal that likes people, kids and other dogs. Hero can crate and she had the privilege of attending training school and learn how to be a good girl just for you! She's only about 40-50 pounds. Hero is spayed, walks well on a leash, has had obedience training so she can be trusted when you’re not home and doesn’t chew! No separation anxiety experienced and doesn’t jump up or snap at you. Totally laid back. Hero is still fearful but makes improvements every week. She could be adopted if you are willing to be patient & work with her. She is great on a leash and good with other dogs. Hero prefers polite chill dogs and loves treats! 

Hero is very shy with new people and new environments. She will need a patient adopter who will continue to work with her and allow her time to become adjusted. Another dog in the home might be a benefit.
She is fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Rescue | Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue  

Meet Adorabelle:

 We first met Adorabelle as a puppy when she was adopted from us in 2020.  She is about 2 years old now, and adorable!  Recently her family was unable to secure housing that would allow for Adorabelle, and she has returned to us.  She is housetrained, enjoys other dogs and has lived with cats! She is extremely intelligent and knows basic commands such as sit, off, and up.  She is very treat motivated and easy to train.  When she gets excited, she will pull on her leash, however she is easy to redirect.  Adorabelle is a sweetheart, and would love to make your acquaintance!

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Riley & Eva

 Riley and Eva are a bonded pair of 8 year old Chihuahuas who joined us recently when they lost their dad. They're very sweet and love to cuddle next to each other, and we'd love to find them both a forever home together, so they can stay together - they've lost so much and all they have is each other now. They are living in a foster home and you can contact us at if you'd like to make an appointment to meet these little angels!

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Meet Roy:

Where oh where art thou Roy? He may be underneath his blankets if he hasn’t met you yet, or maybe watching you from above. As soon as you call him, his sweet little face will pop up and then you’ll get to witness his even sweeter, unassuming personality. Roy is a handsome gentleman and all around good fellow who is quickly working his way into the hearts of all of our Volunteers. He was rescued from the streets during a TNR effort, it was noted after his surgery that he was friendly so returning him to the streets wasn't an option. It’s truly a joy to watch his confidence grow with each passing day. Roy enjoys batting around a feather toy or napping in a perfect sun puddle (he is a cat, after all), but he seems happiest being smothered with ear scratches, belly rubs and generally basking in your love and relaxing in your presence. He’s a smidge concerned about sudden noises and new experiences—but give Roy a little time to adjust and his confidence and tolerance will grow right before your eyes. A recent recipient of a dental glow up, Roy is ready to be your new best friend. Won’t you stop by for a visit with this handsome fella? 

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Koda & Bear:

These two have been bounced around and have been in and out of the shelter more times than we can count. At one of the homes, they just left them in the backyard to fend for themselves. In another they left them in the yard for days at a time until they dug themselves out and were picked up by animal control. In the last home they lived in they said they were moving and could not take them with them which is why we are here. This fun-loving and adventurous pair will definitely keep your life interesting. We imagine they have epic tales to tell and through it all they have stuck together. The staff here loves them, they go for long walks every day but the goal is always a forever home. Bear is an 8-year-old terrier mix and Koda is a 7-year-old Carolina dog. Koda can be a little unsure of new people so we are asking potential adopters to spend time with them here at our sanctuary a few times before considering adopting.  

Home ( 

Meet Chocolate & Spice:

This precious duo lost the only home and person they have ever known which is why they are here with us. They are 12 years old and are bonded so they will only be placed in a home together. They both love walks, still play with toys and have fit right in here with our other little dogs. They sleep together curled up in a chair at night and we can only imagine they are dreaming of their forever home. Chocolate does need to lose a little bit of weight and is taking a daily medication to bring her liver levels down. We are hopeful with the proper diet and exercise she will not need the medication in the future. Please consider welcoming this sweet senior pair into your life.  

Home ( 

Meet Harry & Archie

Archie and Harry are an adorable, bonded pair who compliment each other with their different personalities. Archie is the first to greet new people in the room while Harry takes his time. Once Harry gets to know you, he’s the attention hog while Archie is happy to sit back and wait his turn. Harry is a playful boy who loves to take advantage of the space his foster home offers for zoomies, while Archie prefers more reserved play activities. Both boys love soft toys and have the cutest habit of carrying them in their mouths as they walk around the house. They will even gift them to their favorite people. They are talkative at times with each other and humans. When it’s nap time, they love to cuddle up together in their favorite nook or box. The shelter provided different birth dates but we believe these boys are related. Archie and Harry are tolerant cats. At first, they present as shy but with just a little patience they will be your best friends and reward you with snuggles and kitty kisses. 

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Virginia:

Howdy! How are you? My name is Virginia and I’m an insanely lovable pit bull. The shelter listed me at 8 years old, but the people at Wags think I’m younger than that. I’m a petite gal at 50 pounds and have big chocolate brown eyes. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is hanging out with people. I will lay next to you asking for belly rubs for as long as you’ll let me! I also love going for walks and exploring my surroundings. One thing that makes me extra special is that I’m deaf! Don’t worry, though- that doesn’t stop me from being the happiest, silliest pup. I’m not a huge fan of other dogs, so I’d love a home where I can be the apple of someone’s eye. Will that someone be you? I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.

Wags and Walks 

Meet Daisy

Daisy is a sweet, playful 4 month old pup. We believe she may be a Lab / Pittie / Heeler mix because of her adorable spots!

Daisy was found abandoned and tied to a pole by a shoelace. But her rough beginning doesn’t seem to affect her or stop her from being a typical, happy puppy! She is very social and playful with other dogs and cats and is constantly wagging her tail at all times. She is doing well on her potty training and crate training.
Daisy is Affectionate, Friendly, Playful, Loves kisses and up to date on all her vaccines
If you are ready for the commitment of raising a puppy, please apply at

Meet Peaches:

Peaches is an 8-10 year old Cockapoo and she is pure love! She is a little shy at first because she is blind but she loves attention and wants to be wherever her foster is. She loves to snuggle on your lap or at your feet and will curl right up next to you in bed. She loves to be touching you.

Peaches gets along perfectly well with her foster’s dog. Neither she or the other dog are very playful but I think that is because they are both older. If another dog rushes up on Peaches or surprises her, she will growl and bark but that is because she is scared or surprised. Once she gets to know another dog, she is really sweet. The only issue is if another dog comes near here while she is eating - she will growl. I think it's just a defense mechanism since she can't see.

Peaches can't see but can smell other dogs and she seems interested and will sniff if introduced well. If she is run up on or surprised by a dog, she will growl and bark until she feels safe. Peaches is very easy on the leash. She is slow because she is blind but she walks really well once she gets familiar with her walking route. She doesn't need long walks but she is a getting a little more adventurous and wants to go a little bit more each time.

Peaches is VERY affectionate and VERY co-dependent. She doesn't like being left alone. She likes being right where you are all the time - sometimes it’s right under your feet. Peaches is crate trained and will go in and not make a fuss but we can tell she is much happier being out and close to her humans

Meet Chicka:

Disney dog alert: Chicka could be a movie star. Not only is she stunning, she gets along great with other dogs and loves everyone she meets. We think she is about 3 years old and is a terrier mix. We think we see a little Shih Tzu in her too, but she weighs a healthy 40 pounds, so that has us a little perplexed. Both her and her best friend Twin are here because they were living in a home that had way too many dogs in it, over 20. We believe she would do best in a home with other dogs. She is an absolute delight and whoever is fortunate enough to welcome her into their family will certainly be blessed.

Home (

Meet Red & Scout:

Red and Scout are about 6 years old Boxer / Australian Shepherd x who tragically lost their beloved owner.
They are sweet with everyone, especially with kids and are very playful. They are not a good fit with cats or other smaller animals. Their energy would be ideal for someone that enjoys hiking and long walks.  Check out this bonded sweet, playful and loving pair!

Meet Vivi:

Everybody loves Vivi! She was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles a few months ago. Life couldn't have been easy for her, but her charming personality remains sweet, her playful nature continues to shine, and you'll love the way she “chirps” and “trills” as she goes about her day. She may be cautious at first when meeting you, but within minutes she'll start purring up a storm in your arms. Vivi was seen by an Ophthalmologist who determined the cloudy spot on her eye is a congenital defect. The cute little smirk that is always on her face? Unfortunately, her facial nerve is damaged and the muscles don’t work as they should. We all suspect trauma caused this. Vivi receives one drop of artificial tears in her left eye two times a day because she is unable to blink; this will likely be a lifelong requirement. She is a perfect angel when getting her eye drops. We can see her confidence growing with each passing day. Vivi loves running around our community cat room chasing her stuffed mouse or batting at a feather on a string. She'll also love lying on your lap, soaking up affection. Vivi is easy-going when it comes to fellow felines and would integrate well with another cat. She would also do fine as an only cat. Who’s ready for a life with Vivi? She will jump on your lap, request some affection and will reward you with purrs.

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Kelsey:

Kelsey is such a delight. A few of our Volunteers have had the thought of stealing her. She's a very happy & engaging kitty who is full of love and play. Kelsey was a confident kitten roaming the streets. She knew she would be much better off indoors while she waited for her perfect human to find her so she walked right into the carrier when an independent rescuer approached her. Doesn’t get much better than that. She is just adorable and would love to have you stop by for a visit. 

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Zoey:

She has been with us for over 2 years and we are at a loss as to why? She is stunning, athletic and loves every person she meets. We know placing a dog as an only dog makes adoptions more difficult but we just know the perfect home is out there for her. We know she needs a very active home and life. She has loads of energy and potential. We are certain there are no limits to what she can learn, she's that smart. We do know she needs space to run and walls to keep her safe. She can easily scale a 6 foot wall. She just breaks our hearts because she is just 3 years old and has now lived 90% of her young life in a shelter or rescue. She deserves so much more.  

Home (

Meet Falcon:

This handsome fella was adopted at just a few weeks old on a whim by a well meaning family as they were walking through a store and saw an adoption event happening. They already had 3 dogs at home and a fourth proved to me just too much for them. So poor Falcon had been spending the majority of his day in a crate. His family knew this was no life for him and reached out to us for help. For the first few weeks here Falcon was understably shut down and confused but that has all changed. He is eager to go for walks with whoever will take him, loves to play and cuddle with our volunteers and staff. He is great in the car, doing well learning leash manners and is ready for his forever home. We think he is a cattle dog with a little shepherd mixed in but we can never really be certain about that level of detail. He is just two years old and is so ready to find his forever home.  

Home ( 

Meet Jill:

Hi new friends! I’m so happy to meet you! My name is Jill. Aren’t I gorgeous? I’m a 4 year old pit bull and  I weigh about 60 pounds. I arrived at Wags with my baby, and now that she’s grown up and found her forever family, it’s my turn! I’m high energy and friendly but also laid back and love to relax. My foster mom says I’m the best of both worlds. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is sunbathing. I could lay outside for hours! It’s a good thing I live in LA! I’m also fond of playing with toys, eating lots of treats and hanging with humans (especially if they give me pets). I’m still working on my leash manners but I’m a smart cookie and and continue to make progress. I’ll make a great addition to any loving home. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be spayed by Wags & Walks.  

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Taz:

Taz is an adorable miniature Schnauzer who has a lot of love to give. With the proper introduction, he gets along great with other dogs. He enjoys the company of the other pups and cats in his foster home, but can get a little reactive while passing another dog on a walk. He needs an assertive, confident and dog savvy-owner who can give him corrections so he feels more secure. Taz loves walks and would even be a good running buddy.
We are looking for an adult-only home for Taz as he has bitten before when he’s felt insecure and nervous. Again, an owner who can make Taz feel at ease and who can give him the time and STRUCTURE he needs will help this guy thrive and succeed. Taz really does like to “work” and to learn/follow commands. He is also crate trained.
Taz has a history of seizures, but it is controlled with medication and he hasn’t had had a seizure in several months now.
We know Taz can be safely placed in the right home, and we are dedicated to waiting for that perfect home for him. Once Taz decides he loves you, he is yours forever, and you are his. If you’re interested in meeting Taz,

He's  Loyal, Smart, Affectionate

Meet Estelle:

This petite gal is so deserving, so full of love and just wants to play with her toys, enjoy her bully sticks, go for walks and show you her belly for all the belly rubs. She’s only 2 years old and was dealt an unfair hand, born with spinal issues that don’t get in the way of her enjoying life but do cause incontinence.
The perfect foster or better yet forever home for her would be: Someone who has a yard and an area where she can spend some time outside diaper free. Someone looking for a sweet, affectionate, playful, sensitive companion.
Estelle loves all people and she would be very happy as the only pup but has also lived with other dogs (we would provide proper intros for you to assess compatibility). She does have that Frenchie play style/energy with other dogs.
Having hardwood/wipeable floors is a plus but not necessary as she can be diapered inside as needed and you can also set her up in an area with puppy pads. She does great being left alone and sleeping in her own area quietly and content and is happy to see you when you get back.
Please, we need your help sharing Estelle. We know her family is out there. Yes, she needs a little extra care, but with a routine and proper setup, the payoff and love in return is beyond worth it.

 Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs.

Meet Fred:

This adorable little fella was discovered abandoned in someone's yard. According to the residents, someone had truly left him. They were unable to keep him because they already had other dogs, so they turned to us for assistance. He is a perfect medium size dog at just 30 pounds. We believe he is a combination of a Dachshund and a Labrador Retriever, but we could never be certain. We think he must have lived in a home at some point because he walks properly on a leash, seems to adore everyone, and keeps his room here immaculately clean. We have also discovered he is quite athletic, so an active home would suit him well. His age has been determined to be about 5 years old by our veterinarian.  

Home ( 

Meet Twain:

Hello! My name is Twain. I’m a 2 year old pit bull with dashing good looks and a silly personality to-boot! I weigh 55 pounds, have a soft grey coat and wear the happiest smile you’ve likely ever seen. I’m a very social boy with any human that I meet. Whether I’ve known you for five weeks or five seconds, belly rub needs don’t discriminate! I’m calm yet playful and snuggly yet independent! Basically, I’m the perfect catch. I graduated from doggie school where I learned lots of commands and polite manners, and I also learned that I’ll thrive in a home with no other animals or children. I can’t wait to meet you! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Donnie:

Hey there friends! So nice to meet you. My name is Donnie. Aren’t I handsome? I’m a 7.5 year old pit bull and I’m a thick boy at 85 pounds. I guess it might be time to go on a diet! I’m a low energy and gentle fella who loves to be around people. I have very nice manners and would be more than happy to hangout and relax at home all day. That being said, I’m also an outgoing pup and love to go on adventures and meet new people. I’m crate trained, potty trained and very food motivated. I’ll be an amazing best friend and will thrive as the only animal in the home. I’m up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.  

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Monet:

Hello! Were you looking at me? Maybe my soulful eyes? Adorable speckles? I know, I’m pretty cute! My name is Monet and I’m a 3 year old female pit bull mix. I weigh 55 pounds and am a very friendly pup! I love saying hi to new people and making them my best friend right away! I have plenty of kisses and tail wags to go around. I walk nicely on leash and am an all around 10/10 good girl. I know that I’ll make any loving family very, very happy. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Lady Di:

  Get close enough and this young lady will let out a soft meow to inform you that pets are most welcome. Lady Di is very befitting of her name - distinguished and agreeable. She is always calm, cool, and collected. Never demanding but always ready to give and receive love. Lady Di made a Hermosa Beach neighborhood her “home”. Everyone enjoyed her company. When one of the residents noticed she may be pregnant, one of our fabulous foster moms agreed to take her in. A few days later, she gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. She was a great Mom and now that her babies are weaned, it’s Lady’s time to shine in a permanent home of her own. She enjoys sitting on a perch to observe the outside world but a warm lap is even better. If you are looking for a loving lap kitty who will be totally content just being with you, Lady is the girl for you. She is FeLV+ and would love to be your one and only or a BFF for another FeLV+ cat.

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home (

Meet Bowie:

This little guy is Bowie. We pulled him from a county shelter over 3 years ago with his son. His son was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer and passed away in 2019.
Bowie never gets any interest 🥲. He does take a minute to warm up to men and we think would be best as an only dog. He is one of our longest residents here and we would love to see him live the years he has left in a cozy and loving home. We think he is 11 years old, only weighs 10lbs and is probably Chi and Corgi. He walks great on a leash, loves toys and keeps his room here incredibly neat. Thank you for helping Bowie be seen. ❤️

Home ( 

Meet Twin:

This cute, scruffy-faced terrier is still a puppy. He is 18 months old and weighs around 20 pounds. He's a little apprehensive about meeting new people and enlists the help of his best friend Chicka to assess the situation, but once she gives the go-ahead, it's all love from there. He went for his first walk on a leash with us just a short time ago and  he is doing great with leash manners. He is quite silly and loves to play with toys too. Twin and Chicka are both here because they used to live in a house with way too many dogs, almost 20. We feel strongly that Twin will do best in a home with another dog with whom he can play and grow up.

Home ( 

Meet Phineas:

Hi people! Nice to meet you, I’m Phineas. I’m a 3 year old pit bull mix, and yes I’ll teach you how to do winged eyeliner. I’m a big floppy puppy at 80 pounds, but don’t worry- I’ve been told I have nice manners. I went to training school and learned all kinds of basic commands, how to walk nicely on leash and how to love my crate. I like to hangout in the sun and I do well with other large dogs…just ask my four legged foster sister! I can be a stubborn boy, so I’ll do best in a home without young children, though I’ve made lots of teenager friends! I’m the perfect combination of active and low key. I love going on outdoor adventures (and I LOVE car rides!) but am also more than happy to hang on the couch all day- I’m a fantastic cuddle buddy. I can’t wait to be someone’s forever buddy! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Florence:

Hello, pals! My name is Florence and I am one of the happiest, most lovable dogs you’ll ever meet. I’m a  7 year old pit bull weighing in at about 50 pounds. An old injury (prior to my arrival at Wags) caused me to go blind in one eye, but don’t worry- it doesn’t affect me at all! In fact, the people at Wags say it makes me even more beautiful. I’m a goofy and friendly girl, and although I’m always down for an adventure, I’m also a major cuddle bug. I love spending time with my humans no matter what we’re doing! I do well in my crate and walk nicely on leash with a confident handler. I’m a super special girl and I know I’ll keep you smiling and laughing if you take me home forever. I promise! I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be spayed by Wags & Walks.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Miss Kitty:

Miss Kitty is a declawed, 12-year-old senior with Hyperthyroidism, which is a very common disorder of older cats. She’s on special food and medication and is looking for an adopter with a huge heart and a love for senior animals. Miss Kitty is a sweet senior who would love a warm bed to sleep in. Our shelter staff would be more than happy to speak to any potential adopters about how to manage Miss Kitty’s condition. We also offer a foster-to-adopt program which allows potential adopters to foster an animal or 14 days prior to making the decision to adopt.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Calista:

Calista is a one year old calico girl who came to the shelter with eight kittens. She’s a very friendly girl and gets along with other cats as well as people. she’s had a very hectic lifestyle so far so  she would enjoy being in a semi active home where she could get some TLC 

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Sophie:

Sophie is a 6 year old pitbull terrier. Sophie knows her basic commands. She loves taking showers with her humans, loves chasing lasers, is crate trained, house broken. Would do best in a home with kids over 15 and no other pets. 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Bella:

Bella is a spry 11 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix with a dashing pirate smile. She is looking for a home with no other pets and does very well with people of all ages. He favorite toy is a tennis ball and she definitely enjoys a game of fetch. Bella is a big fam or car rides and tummy rubs. She even knows several basic commands and appears to be house trained! If she may be the pup for you, please give us a call at 772-223-8822 or stop on by!

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Mari:

Mari is the main character in our rags to riches story. She has had a very sad start on life, but from the minute Houndhaven rescued her, everything changed for the best, and she started a new chapter on life. Mari was surrendered with a large number of dogs as part of a hoarding case and had lived her days outside tied to a satellite dish. Even after living in such a horrible situation, Mari has been nothing but the sweetest girl who loves everyone she meets and welcomes any attention that comes her way.

Mari is between two and three years of age and is a black lab. She weighs 61 pounds and that is 61 pounds of pure love. Mari is a little shy when she first meets people but warms up quickly and will ask you for your phone number so that you can be friends for life. She knows sit, takes treats gently, and loved her first bath and groom. Mari loves to snuggle, gives kisses, and has a playful side too. She would make a great friend to hang out and have a Netflix binge-a-thon with or go for long walks to help you reach your fitness goals.

If you’ve been looking to add a beautiful, sweet, loving girl like Mari to your home, and will be able to help write the rest of her story so that it is filled with love and everything good that she is so deserving of, please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures and to complete an application. Interested in volunteering at Houndhaven? Mari and all of her friends would love to have you spend time with them at the shelter or at adoption events. Contact for more information.

Adoption Process | Houndhaven

Meet Jack:

Well, hello there – I’m Jack! How you doin’?
I’m a friendly young adult who came to Dogs & Cats Forever after being injured as a stray in Miami. I’m definitely feeling better now and ready to meet the public. I’m very friendly and I get along with other cats. Unfortunately, I am FIV-Positive as a consequence of living outside but I don’t need any special food or special medical treatments. All I need is a loving home!

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet McGregor:

I have some special medical needs but still have lots of life to live and love to give.
Oh this kitten sure is cute!!! I'm a 2 month old male kitten and I have a congenital spinal abnormality which makes me walk with a wobble. McGregor will need follow up vet care in the future which our staff will be happy to educate potential adopters about. Adopting a kitten is a very important decision. This itty bitty kitty will grow into a cat that will depend on you for love and care for the rest of its life and will bring a ton of joy, just check out his video :)

  Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Celia:

If dogs could smile, Celia is the closest we have seen to a dog with a great smile! She wasn’t always smiling though, as she was found as a stray and was picked by an animal control in Northwest Florida. Houndhaven couldn’t let this glamour girl spend another day there and promised we would find her a forever home that would keep her smiling every day.

Celia is a beautiful one-year-old chocolate lab mix. She weighs 55 pounds and has a soft, feathery coat. Celia loves to give hugs and receive tons of loving from the volunteers. Celia was diagnosed with heartworms and will complete the treatment by mid-May. She has been very interested in meeting the other dogs but has to stay calm until her treatment is completed, so in the meantime, she soaks up all the attention she can from the volunteers.

Celia knows “sit” and is sure to learn more once she is in her new home. She takes treats gently, but is something of a treat snob, so make sure you offer her only the tastiest of morsels. Since Celia is only one year old, she will have some extra energy to go on long walks, play lots of games, or just hang out to bask in all the loving her family has to offer. If you’ve been looking for a great girl who’s smile lights up the world, Celia is the one for you! Please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures and to complete an application. Interested in volunteering at Houndhaven? Celia and all of her friends would love to have you spend time with them at the shelter or at adoption events. Contact for more information.

Adoption Process | Houndhaven

Meet Lucy:

At nearly 7 years young, Lucy the American Bulldog mix is looking for a home that is just as active as she is. She enjoys car rides, long walks, and time spent outdoors in the backyard. She is great with people, knows several basic commands, and seems to be house trained. Lucy would prefer a home with no other canine or feline siblings. Her adoption fee has been sponsored by a very generous donor! 

I am described as an ultimate couch potato. I'm super laid back but also enjoy playing with squeaky toys!”

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Archie:

I am a handsome nine-year-old boy who lost my home when my owner moved. I was recently found as a stray and I’m ready to start over with you! I’d love a quiet adult home where I can catch up on some TLC. I don’t like car rides, so I would just love to stay home with you. Meet me and let’s fall in love.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Gizmo:

Gizmo is a 5 year old, 42 pound black mouth cur mix looking for a home! He came to us at a stray back in September of 2021. Gizmo is outgoing once you get to know him, but it does take him a day or so to warm up to new people. This sweet boy walks great on a leash, takes treats gently, knows ‘sit’, loves to be near you and give you kisses.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Gizmo:

I’m a handsome six-year-old boy who would like to get to know you better. My family had to move out of the country so now I’m on my own. I’ve been a house cat my whole life. I have excellent manners, and I do best with adults and older kids. Let’s get together and fall in love!

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Dixie:

Dixie arrived at the shelter after her owner became allergic to her. she is a sweet Six year old girl who loves people. She would be best in a calm adult home.  I’m a sweet six-year-old girl who lost my home because my owner was allergic. I’m very good with people and I tolerate other cats but my dream home would have me as an only pet in a quiet adult setting. I have excellent manners and I’m hoping for a forever home soon!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Nacho:

Nacho is and active, bouncy 7 year old Labrador Retrieve mix who does not realize his age.  He came to HSTC as a stray in November 2021 and is done living in the shelter. He can be a bit obnoxious and only recently learns a few manners (he completed a basic obedience class here at HSTC!). Due to his rough play style and boisterous behavior, we currently do not recommend that he live with young children. Nacho’s adoption has been sponsored by Lauren Carroll with Rick Carroll Insurance!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Major:

Major is a year and a half old and is looking for a home all his own. He does not want to live with any other pets but loves people –especially older children and adults. Major is very high energy and enjoys learning new things. This cutie has only been at HSTC since November 2021, but is ready for his fur-ever home. Major is accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter located at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, Florida.

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast  

Meet Spot:

Sweet senior cat Spot is looking for the perfect fur-ever home. She is 10 years old and has the most adorable slightly grumpy face. She is very loving and has quickly become a staff favorite here at HSTC. Spot is currently accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter located at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. Spot and all of her adoptable friends can also be viewed on our website at

Humane Society of Treasure Coast

Meet Tunchi:

Tunchi is a charming, 10-year-old, male who would love to be your one and only pet in the home. This sweet boy knows basic commands and enjoys playing fetch in a big, fenced yard. He is treat motivated and takes them gently out of your hand. He loves to play ball, walks wonderfully on a leash, and is content just sitting with his human watching the outdoors.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast

Meet Frank:

Frank has quickly become one of our most popular residents at Houndhaven. His size and uniqueness have separated him from our regular Labrador Retriever and Retriever mix rescues, and he is loving every minute of the extra attention. The extra attention helped out a lot when he first arrived because he was missing his family, who had to surrender him after not being able to afford to have an expensive surgery done for him. Houndhaven was approached by one of our Vet partners, and we agreed to take care of Frank’s surgery and neuter expenses, and he is now a “hound.”

Frank is a two-year-old Mastiff. This handsome, squishy-faced boy arrived at Houndhaven tipping the scales at 252 pounds and was immediately put on a diet since he was about 50 pounds overweight. He has lost some weight due to the diet, as well as getting long walks, and running for short periods of time along the play yard fences with other dogs. Frank is enamored with well mannered dogs, and in between playtime and snuggle time, he does enjoy a good nap…who doesn’t?

Frank is a very gentle, good natured, sweet boy. He takes his low-calorie treats gently, enjoys receiving hose baths, and loves all the attention he receives at our adoption events, but he is ready for a forever home. The volunteers love him and offer him tons of love and snuggles, and we know he is most grateful for all of the affection, but we know he misses having a home, and probably his own sofa to relax on and watch T.V. with his family.

If you are a Mastiff lover, have experience with this giant breed, and are ready to give Frank his forever home of love, please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures and to complete an application. Interested in volunteering at Houndhaven? Frank and all of his friends would love to have you spend time with them at the shelter or at adoption events. Contact for more information.

Adoption Process | Houndhaven

Meet Darla:

i’m a beautiful six-year-old calico tiger girl lost my home because I could not get along with the new baby. I would be best as an only pet and a house with people who could give me lots of TLC. I’m very sweet and loving But I don’t like to share Your attention with anyone else. In return, you will have all my attention and love.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Tucker:

Tucker is a little over 8  years old and has been here at HSTC since January of 2021. He is a bit of an escape artist, but is oh so loving with people of all ages. He would prefer to be the only pet in his new home (he thinks cats are fun toys to chase and likes bossing other dogs around a bit too much). Tucker knows several basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “fetch”.

His adoption fee has been sponsored by Home Team Lending! If Tucker sounds like the pup for you, stop on by the HSTC main shelter to meet him or give us a call at 772-223-8822 for more information.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Bibbs:

Bibbs is a 14 year old female. Her adoption fee is waived. Bibbs is a super sweet cat and loves to cuddle up next to her humans.   

Humane Society of Treasure Coast 

Meet Cutie Pie:

Cutie pie is a one and a half year old gray tabby girl who loves people. She’s very easy-going and she gets along with other cats, also. She’s been a house cat her whole life and she has excellent manners. She loves to be loved and will give you love in return

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Tina:

Tina is the definition of a true sweetheart. She doesn’t deserve what happened to her early in her young life. Tina was adopted from animal control and that person decided they didn’t want her anymore and abandoned her. She was found wandering in her rescuer’s neighborhood, and she then made her way to Houndhaven. Tina has been a joy to be around, and you wouldn’t guess she had such a tough start.

Tina is an adorable black lab mix and is about 12-18 months old. She weighs 57 pounds and that’s 57 pounds of love and excitement. When Tina was around her rescuer’s dog, she was playful and was sharing toys and bones with their dog. While Tina loves going for walks, she is a little strong on the leash, but takes correction very well and follows directions since she is so eager to please. Tina is also smart since she knows some basic commands such as “sit” and “shake” and is sure to learn plenty more once she is in her forever home.

Tina loves to receive tons of attention and could spend all day being pet and snuggled. She is still a young girl and has playful energy that will be great for an active adopter. If you’ve been looking for a new addition that’s a perfect combination of sweet, active, smart, and loyal, Tina is the girl for you. All she asks is that you love her forever and she will forever love you. Please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures and to complete an application. Interested in volunteering at Houndhaven? Tina and all of her friends would love to have you spend time with them at the shelter or at adoption events. Contact for more information.

Adoption Process | Houndhaven

Meet Hope:

I’m a beautiful long-haired Siamese mix girl who is as sweet as can be. I love giving kisses and being brushed and petted are my two favorite things! I get along with other cats and I’m hoping for a home where I can get lots of TLC. Meet me today and fall in love.

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc.

Meet Batman:

Batman and his brother King are both very special kitties looking for the purr-fect home for them. They are both Feline Leukemia Positive (FeLV+) and need home with either no other cats or other FeLV+ cats as they do not want to spread this to any negative kitties. Batman is about 3.5 years old and very outgoing and sweet once he warms up to his new surroundings. For more information on what it means to adopt a FeLV+ cat, please give the staff at HSTC a call at 772-223-8822. Batman and King are both accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter located at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast  

Meet Martini:

15 year old Male Ragdoll /Mix
I am a handsome and sweet boy in need of a home for my retirement. I was left at HSTC by a family member after my mommy died, and would love to get out of the shelter and into a new, loving home. I like to be gently pet and brushed, and I love to eat my crunch food! Please adopt me!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast  

Meet Coco:

1-Year-Old Female Terrier Mix

55 LBS

Coco is a sweet 1-year-old Terrier mix who loves to be petted. She is very calm and just needs
someone to love her and toss a stuffed toy around from time to time. She's very smart and
learns quickly. Coco will make someone a wonderful companion! She's such a beauty.

Meet Zoomie:

3-Years-Old Female Terrier Mix

40 LBS

This three-year-old Terrier mix has so much energy and quite literally always has the zoomies!
She is a sweetheart who always has a smile on her face and needs a family just as active as
her. Zoomie prefers to be the only animal around so she can have you all to herself, but she is
currently working with our ACE Team on introductions to a couple of our rescues! She loves to
sit in your lap for kisses and will be your best friend FURever❤️

Meet Archer:

Archer, Male, Rottweiler Mix

3-Years-Old /74 LBS

This three-year-old Rottweiler Mix is an absolute cuddle bug. He likes stuffed toys and will lay by
your side and play. Archer is very smart and knows how to sit, shake, and fetch. He also walks
very easy on a leash without pulling. He would need to be an only dog, but he will give you
enough love to last a lifetime!

Meet Raven:

6-Years-Old / Domestic Shorthaired Female Cat / 9 LBS

Mama Raven's kittens just got adopted and now it is her turn to find a FURever home! This kitty
is so sweet and affectionate. She loves rubbing her head on you and making sure you feel
loved. Watching birds is one of her favorite hobbies and she even chirps back at them! She
would be a great family cat and would make another sweet cat like her the PURRfect friend!

Meet Clipper:


Make Terrier Mix / 90 LBS

Chipper is an all-around great dog who could fit in with any family! He gets along well with other
dogs and does not mind the presence of cats. He rides well in the car, is potty trained, and just
wants someone to give him the attention he deserves.

Meet Fiona:


Domestic Medium Hair, Brown/Orange Female Tabby

Fiona likes to spend her time curled up. If you had a cat perch or window she would stay there
all day and watch out. She is a pretty independent girl, but she will always be grateful for face
rubs and especially for tasty treats. Being brushed is a sure way to hear her purr from a mile
away. She is a little bit bigger than her fellow feline friends, but that just means there is more of
her to love!

Meet Cassie:

Cassie is a little ray of sunshine. She loves belly rubs, being around her humans, and chasing tennis balls. She is low maintenance, housebroken, and gets along well with other dogs. Cassie is a goofball who loves snuggling and greeting her humans with a lick in the face. She would make a wonderful addition to a family and will fit in well in a home with another dog. For more information please email  

Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Midas:

My name is Midas and I love people! I love getting pats, rubs, and baby talk from anyone I meet. I want you to love me by the time you walk away! I love peanut butter, cheese, all meat, and anything I’m probably NOT supposed to have. I will do anything for a snack and have even gone through training with my mom using treats! My nicknames are “Baby Bear”, “Polar Bear", and “Midas Man”. I love chasing squirrels, birds, and cats. So if you spot one, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME! I can be excited by just a few words or I can be laid back and such a couch potato. Our days and routines will be solely up to you. I understand very well when you talk to me. I like taking car rides and if you ask “Wanna go for a ride?”, I’ll do a dance. I especially like hanging out of the window to smile at everyone. I like sitting in the window at home too, so I can watch everything going on. I am an inside dog at heart and am house trained, although I’ll go camping with you anytime!

 Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Chappie:

Chappie is a miniature pinscher/Doberman. She is great with people. She is so sweet, playful, and cuddly. She enjoys playing fetch and is good at sitting and staying on command. She is house-trained and can stay for several hours on her own. She is about 1.5-2 years, but she still seems like a puppy. She is a great dog and would make the perfect companion.
Chappie is Friendly, Smart, Playful, Affectionate and
Vaccinated as well as been spayed.

Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Bear:

2 year old, 50 lbs mixed breed, House trained, Kennel trained, Knows how to sit, shake, and high-five
I am very much a ladies man!! I am a proper gentleman that you can take on long walks, I will always remain by your side, and I will always show you my manners. If there is another man in your life, I will need some time to adjust to that. If he gives me lots of treats and is as loving as I am, I will keep him too!

 Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Seymour:

Meet Seymour! Seymour is approximately 3 years old and weighs 35 pounds.
Seymour is kennel trained, housetrained, and knows basic obedience. He's treat motivated and loves to show off his tricks for a biscuit. Seymour also enjoys playing with toys (especially chewing on Nylabones and tennis balls) and will try to sneak a sock into his kennel if he gets a chance!
Seymour is recovering from a car accident and while his injuries are healing well, he will be on kennel rest until the beginning of June 2022. He'll need to continue his recovery plan when adopted, but is doing well and has maintained a happy-go-lucky attitude during the process.
Due to his injuries, Seymour isn't allowed to play with his four-legged foster friends just yet, but has done well when meeting them in brief, calm encounters. He's definitely looking forward to the day that he can run around the yard and go for long walks!

He's been fully Vaccinated and neutered. 

 Companion Animal Alliance

Meet Beautiful:

Beautiful is a gorgeous 4 year old female white and black petite cat. She is a sweet girl who gets along well with other cats and would do well in a low-traffic home, with a patient and cat-experienced owner. She takes a while to come out of her shell. But, once she does she loves to come out and rub around her foster's legs for food, and get head scratches and brushes! She is very food motivated and loves wet food, but above all, she would love to finally find a forever home! If you are interested in adopting a Beautiful from our rescue, please fill out an application on our website.

 Home | Pittie Party Rescue 

Meet Arrow:

Arrow is a 5 ½ year old male Shepherd mix who is unfortunately our longest resident, being with us for a year and two months. He came to us as a resource guarder, but through the training our staff has given him, he has progressed so much! Arrow is incredibly intelligent, so he will need an adopter who will continue training him to give him the mental stimulation he needs. He has high energy, and does get along with certain dogs - we’d love to do a dog intro to see if Arrow would be friends with your pup!

Pet Adoption in Lafayette | Father John's Animal House ( 

Meet Jace:

This big 80 pound southern boy found himself at FJAH when his owners could no longer care for him. 
Jace is an almost 2 year old male, who we believe is a Tree Walking Coonhound / American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He came to us nearly a year ago, so he has essentially grown up in a shelter environment. He acts like a typical teenager! Jace will need an experienced owner who can train him - he’s basically an 80 lb puppy, although he is full grown. He also needs a lot of exercise - he loves playing with people and other dogs!  

Pet Adoption in Lafayette | Father John's Animal House ( 

Meet Prince:

Meet Prince! Prince is a large kitty with a heart of gold to match! Prince’s story with us began when he was transferred to us from a rescue partner, who asked if we could help with some behavioral issues he was having in the shelter. We noticed that he didn’t love being cornered, or when people touched his stuff (and who would!) When Prince finally came to foster and was allowed to own his space, and his own stuff, he completely came into his own, and now this gentle giant he is the perfect cat for anyone who wants a couch buddy, a snuggle partner or a work from home coworker! He is a domestic shorthair who is about seven years old and is house trained, neutered, and up to date on his vaccinations! If you are interested in adopting Prince, please fill out an application on our website:

 Home | Pittie Party Rescue 

Meet Estelle & Antoinette:

Antoinette and Estelle are beautiful tortoiseshells who are also a mom and daughter dynamic duo. They would love to find a forever home together but can also be adopted separately to good homes. Antoinette is three years old and her daughter Estelle is two years old. They both get along great with other cats and love to play with toys and lounge in the sun on their cat tower. Both Antoinette and Estelle are shy at first and would do well in a forever home that has a quiet environment and another cat that they could be friends with. If you are interested in adopting Antoinette or Estelle from our rescue, please fill out an application on our website.

 Home | Pittie Party Rescue 

Meet Lady MacBeth:

Lady MacBeth was transferred to us from another shelter, who got her from a hoarding case. She came to us with 2 other cats, who have since been adopted, but Lady MacBeth was always the most shy of the 3. She is very laid back and independent, usually curled up in a bed or hidey hole, away from the hustle and bustle of the more rambunctious cats in our free roam room. She is slowly getting to the point where you can pet her, where previously she would hiss and try to get away, so she's making great progress, but she will only get better in a calm home, preferably without dogs or very young children, and with a patient, understanding adopter. 

Pet Adoption in Lafayette | Father John's Animal House ( 

Meet Lakshmi:

Hi there I’m Lakshmi! I am a young female cat who is on the shyer side, but quite curious.  I tend to follow my foster siblings around the house, always watching what they are doing.   Although I am not a cuddler yet, I do love head and back scratches. I get along with both cats and dogs!  I will do best in a home that has another cat (male or female) that I can follow around and snuggle with, and for my adopters to have patience to work with me to trust and love!  If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an application on our website at 

 Home | Pittie Party Rescue 

Meet Shelly:

Shelly is a 4 ½ female pit mix who can be a little shy at first, especially when it comes to men. She will need some time to become comfortable with you, and for you to earn her trust, but once you have it, she will stick to you like glue. She has a lot of energy and loves running in the yard, but would also enjoy going on hikes with you! Although she’d prefer a home without other pets, she has lived with older children before, and all she wants is to have a family again.

Pet Adoption in Lafayette | Father John's Animal House ( 

Meet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a female patched orange tabby who is 17 years old! She may be a senior woman, but she doesn't act her age! Even the vet guessed that she was 8-11 years old, but then discovered she was Microchipped in 2005 and dates do not lie. Elizabeth would do well as an only cat, and loves the attention of humans.  She is super super friendly, and talkative, and loves to greet you after work and would love to hang out on the couch with you or bask in the light through a window perch. If you are interested in adopting Elizabeth from our rescue, please fill out an application on our website.

 Home | Pittie Party Rescue 

Meet Birdie

Birdie fell out of a high rise and his right rear limb was catastrophically injured. He also fractured his

left paw. But he is one of the sweetest cats The Ladew Foundation has ever met. Birdie is about two years old. 

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation 

Meet Cindy Lou:

Cindy is a 5 year old and was left behind when her owner moved.  She wound up at a municipal shelter and was transferred to us.  She is a little shy at first but will make a wonderful companion when she gets to know you!

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation

Meet Mama Roosevelt:

Mama is 15 and was part of a colony.  The caretaker was retiring so we took some of the kitties and Mama was one of them.  She’s a sweetheart and gives love bites if you stop petting her. 

 Patricia H. Ladew Foundation

Meet Willow:

He’s four months old, playful and super snuggly!

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation 


Meet Chili:

Is a 3 year old female Husky mix
She Weighs 70 pounds
Is good with other medium to large assertive dogs
Appears to be potty trained
Walks nicely on a leash
Is high energy and a bit nervous loading up, but enjoys car rides once inside the vehicle

Chili is remarkably intelligent and people oriented. She bonds deeply with her handlers, showering them with love and affection. Chili has a true husky spirit! She will flourish with a family who understands the breed and can provide structure and boundaries, and her optimal home is one with an active family or another high energy dog to play with.Chili is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue 

Captain Crunch & Cocoa Puff

Introducing the “cereal” pups – Captain Crunch and Cocoa Puff, otherwise known as simply Captain and Cocoa.  They are an extremely bonded pair who came to us together and must be adopted together. They are about 2 ½ years old and as sweet as they can be.  Very playful but shy to people they don’t know. They are not posted on our website yet but will be once their vaccinations are updated.

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas (

Meet Ozzie:

Is a male catahoula mix who is 1 1/2 years old & weighs 55 lbs
He's good with other dogs
Appears to be potty trained but will need reinforcement
Enjoys car rides and is of medium to high energy

 Ozzie is filled with a zest for life and a love for humans and dogs alike. He is happy, spunky and playful! This spectacularly fun boy would have a blast with an active family that enjoys camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. When the adventuring is done, Ozzie is more than content to relax inside and dial down his energy. He is very snuggly and affectionate with just about everyone he meets!

Ozzie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

 Highland Lakes Canine Rescue 

Meet Flash:

Fluffy boy Flash is mellow and sweet. He has affectionate moments but is also very independent and prefers to receive pets and love on his own terms. He enjoys wide open spaces and would be happiest in a setting with plenty of room for him to explore and roam. Flash has been through a lot of changes recently and needs a low key home where he can relax. We are searching for a peaceful, patient forever family that will love him for the handsome stoic that he is! Flash is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.
Is a male Newfoundland (or Landseer) mix
Is 4.5 years old
Weighs 85 pounds
Walks nicely on a leash
Is good with other low key dogs
Will load up into a car, but does not enjoy car rides
Appears to be potty trained
Is low to medium energy
Is not good in a home with children or a small yard

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue  

Meet Mandy & Cosmo:

Mandy and Cosmo are a bonded pair and adore each other. They love to play together at their foster home -- see movie of them playing in the snow!  Both are about the same age, 2 ½ years old.  Would really prefer that they be adopted together. We will be posting Mandy on the website soon and Cosmo is there already.

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas (

Meet Von:

Neutered male
Almost 3 yrs old
Heartworm negative on prevention
Current on shots
About 70lbs
High energy
House and crate trained
Gets excited around people
Does good with other dogs

His full name is Wernher Von Braun, but his parents just call him Von.  He was named after a German rocket scientist!  Von is just a little (BIG) love bug full of energy and would love to roll into your life and give you some excitement. He loves people and will be your best friend. Von does like to jump though, and new people don’t like that very much. (you don’t need to go any further than my houseguests because my two rescues do the exact same thing) He’s a bit robunctious, but he’s learning and working on his manners.  Von would probably be fine with older teens as opposed to young children.  . 

Von gets along with other dogs, shares his toys and has shown no aggression. He also does well on a leash.  He’s got a heart of GOLD

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas (

Meet Lacy:

Female Boxer/Red Heeler mix /3 years old / 55 lbs
potty trained & good with other dogs and kids
Very smart!
Lacy is a world class snuggler and easy companion. Happy to walk, happy to chill, happy to ride in the car, this girl is your go-to good pal to do whatever you want to do.
HLCR covers the cost of her medical treatment and we see her as fully likely to heal right up and rebound strong!
We see Lacy as a shelter favorite because of her inner light and lovely demeanor. Somebody will get an amazing gift with this great girl!

spayed, vaccinated and microchipped

currently undergoing treatment we are paying for to cure heart worm; expected to fully recover

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue  

Meet Conan:

Just thought you might like to know, I’m named after Conan O’Brien a late night talk show host as I can be vocal at times. Not Conan the barbarian or destroyer. That’s not me! Anyway, I am a sweet guy in search of a new forever home preferably with no chickens, so if you would like me to come live with you please fill out an application! Love, Conan 

Well here I am looking for a new home again. I was adopted from the shelter but lost my new home and was returned. You see, the neighbor had chickens and I just couldn’t help myself! Over the fence I went, and then back to the shelter. I thought they wanted to play, but the neighbors were not amused at all. The chickens weren’t very happy either. I’ve never tried to jump the fence here because I have friends and there are no chickens on the other side.  I like the other dogs here, Rosita is my favorite. I wonder if she’s my Mom as we came from the same shelter and she makes me behave. And we sure look a lot alike. Whoever owned me before never gave me Heartworm prevention so now I have those nasty Heartworms. Foster mom started me on slow kill and will give meds and instructions to my new family, or we can discuss doing the quick kill if they prefer and can keep me calm and quiet for the duration.  

Neutered male
2 years old
Current on shots
Heartworm positive, slow kill started but can do quicker method after adoption if preferred
House and crate trained
Good with other dogs and people but needs help with manners
Not cat or child tested
Not okay with chickens

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Meet Cameron:

This handsome guy is Cameron and he is taking applications for his forever home. He is a big sweet guy but needs a very competent experienced owner. He hasn’t had any training other than what his foster mom is giving him and he is very stubborn. He would do well going to training. Cameron is very food motivated and also loves affection.  He is gentle but probably wouldn’t be good in a household with children under the age of 12 because of his size. Cameron once had a home but his owners decided they didn’t have time for him so they took him to a very high kill shelter and left him there. With the help of several wonderful people Cameron made it all the way up here from South Texas.
He was extremely underweight and his coat was dull and brittle  but he‘s  now gaining weight and his fur is getting thick and shiny. He loves to play with the ball; he’s not that great at bringing it back to you and will carry it around in his mouth. And also because of the neglect Cameron is heartworm positive. We’ve started the slow kill and will provide all meds but will work with the adopter if they would prefer to do a quicker method after adoption.

Neutered male
3 years old
Current on shots
Heartworm positive, slow kill started
House and crate trained
Not tested with cats or children
Good with some dogs
Experienced adopters only
75-80 lbs

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 

Meet Kevin:

An 11 Month old Male Lab-Retriever Mix

Weighs 45 pounds and will likely range from 55-65 full grown

Is good with other dogs

Is good with children

Could be acclimated to a home with a cat

Enjoys car rides

Working on house training

Is medium to high energy

Prince Kevin might just be the most handsome boy around!  He is initially slow to trust the people he meets, but once you win his heart he is brimming with affection and confidence.  This goofball is learning his manners swimmingly and responds well to training.  He would benefit from another dog at home who can show him the ropes and be a playmate.  Kevin behaves well in public settings and is GREAT company to take on a walk or on a hike.
Kevin is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is heartworm negative.

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue  

Meet Cubby:

Hi ! My name is Cubby and I would love to be your new best friend. I’m shy at first but once I know you I love to get lots of petting and treats. I was terrified of everything when I was rescued. My best friend Queenie helped me find my confidence.  With her help and foster Mom giving me lots of good food I started coming out of my shell. I’m very trainable for treats and I think I’m pretty smart. I know how to use a pet door and have never had any accidents. Foster mom gets frustrated when she tries to take pictures of me as I make sure my ears are cupped. As soon as she gives up they just seem to stand up all the way. She tells me I have a beautiful tail. And I’m very handsome. She also thinks I look like a little bear cub so she started calling me Cubby. So if you would like a new best friend please fill out an application for me!  Love, Cubby 

Neutered male
1 year old / About 65 lbs
Heartworm negative and on prevention,Current on shots, Microchipped
House trained and Uses pet door
Shy at first, but Loves other dogs
Not tested with children or cats

German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas ( 


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My Beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie.

Learn How Our Journey Began

Learn More
Meet Dax & Dixie:

These are my Border Terriers Brother/Sister combo I rescued following the Passing of my first Border Terrier, Trixie.  They were found roaming the streets of Coco Beach, Florida during an outbreak of Rabies.  They had to first be sheltered for 90 days before going into a foster home in Mims, Florida.

I was only looking for one rescue dog some seven weeks after I had to put Trixie down(Please see the Tribute to Trixie page).
But when I got to the foster home and saw that they were siblings and had been through so much together, I couldn’t separate them and take the chance that someone else would take both of them.  So on Valentines day 2019, I took them both home and since there was no official paperwork, I made Valentine’s day their official date of birth as they were about 1 year old at the time they were rescued.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because as I have observed them these past 2+ years this tandem absolutely loves one another and it was not meant for them to ever be separated. 
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This page is dedicated to all of the companion Pets who are awaiting our arrival at the Rainbow Bridge

Rest in Peace Thurman and Geoffrey

  • Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States

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This is a content page where you can freely add any content such as text, images, links, etc. You can edit all of this text and replace it with what you want to write. Use the advanced editor to design this content page. 

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This is a content page where you can freely add any content such as text, images, links, etc. You can edit all of this text and replace it with what you want to write. Use the advanced editor to design this content page. 

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You can edit all of this text and replace it with what you want to write. Use the advanced editor to design this content page. Edit your content page from the Pages tab by clicking the edit button.

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