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OUR MISSION is to Educate Pet Owners About Proper Pet Care & Welfare And Eradicate Pet Euthanasia across America by The End of This Decade.  

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Pets Of The Day

Meet Ben:

Ben is an adorable little 2 year old, 8 pound Chihuahua who is looking for his forever home. Ben is very affectionate and loves his people but he seems to be a bit anxious when he sees other dogs, so he needs to be your only canine companion and he'll do best not living in an apartment complex or any type of home that doesn't allow for him to have quiet access to a fenced in yard for potty breaks.  It's time this guy found his happily ever after, so please come and meet him! He's living at our adoption center and would like to meet you.

Friends for Life Animal Rescue ( 

Meet Midnight:

Midnight is a loving, gentle companion sure to steal your heart ❤️ 
He is one of our special seniors looking to find his forever family with a quiet, calm environment that he can live out the rest of his golden years in. He would be okay with calm, older kitty friends and enjoys having them around.
He has a tendency to be a bit timid, but he’s happy to receive head scratches and TLC! When he wants attention, he’s not afraid to gently come up and rest his paws on you to let you know he’s ready for affection. He will even snuggle up to you!
Midnight has a moderate heart murmur and elevated kidney values. That being said, he needs an owner to keep him comfy and happy while understanding that he might not live a long time. We are open to fospice (foster care until end of life) or adoption for this sweet guy. He also has high blood pressure secondary to his kidney disease but it’s controlled with meds. For being 12 years old, he’s doing well now overall!

Southern Arizona Cat Rescue - Cat Rescue - Tucson, Arizona ( 

Meet Skyler

Sklyar is a sweetheart of a 4 year old, 51 pound Shepherd who came to Friends for Life as a stray. She has participated in playgroups and has a gentle, dainty play style.  She enjoys the company of other dogs, but to our knowledge has not met a cat. Skylar is living at our adoption center and we invite you to meet her anytime during regular business hours.  

Friends for Life Animal Rescue (

Meet Torvi:

This gorgeous girl is super sweet, friendly, and loving with humans. She really enjoys all the pets she can get and being told how beautiful she is! She’s more laid back and enjoys window watching and her cat tree. She would make a great roommate and family member to many and is sure to bring joy! 
 She is positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), but don’t let that be scary! She has no issues in relation to it and can live with other kitties just fine! FIV basically means that she has a reduced immune system and fighting secondary issues could take more effort. However, she is healthy and as long as she lives indoors only and has regular vet checkups, she will be fine! 

Southern Arizona Cat Rescue - Cat Rescue - Tucson, Arizona (

 Meet Eclair:

Eclair is a sweet, gentle 4 year old cat who came to Friends for Life as a stray, and she is looking for her forever home. She is a gorgeous black and white kitty with small white mittens. Eclair is a mellow lady who enjoys the company of other cats, but not dogs, so she needs to be in a canine-free home. Eclair is currently residing at the adoption center, and you can meet her anytime during regular business hours.  

 Friends for Life Animal Rescue ( 

Daisy & Posy:

This happy-go-lucky sweet mom and daughter pair are always excited to make new friends. With they're super sweet and bubbly personalities and adorable faces they will melt your heart within minutes of meeting them. They're adorable matching markings and pink noses make them a one-of-a-kind pair

Daisy & Posy are a Mother & Daughter BONDED pair!  When the shelter tried to separate them, mama Daisy REFUSED to eat and almost died of despair.  They were reunited at the Akita ranch in Romoland, California and they are an ADORABLE pair.  
WARNING: You MUST be able to withstand massive snuggles and kisses. 

This happy-go-lucky sweet mom and daughter pair are always excited to make new friends. With they're super sweet and bubbly personalities and adorable faces they will melt your heart within minutes of meeting them. They're adorable matching markings and pink noses make them a one-of-a-kind pair 

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Lucy & Ethel:

These beautiful girls are about 2 years old. Stay tuned for more info as we get to know them! 💕😍
Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Jellybean:

Jellybean and his sister Lemonade are babies of Poppy, the terrier. They are 7 weeks old and full of personality!
Jellybean is a typical healthy puppy who is rambunctious and loves to cuddle and play. He will most likely be around 15 lbs full grown. Jellybean is good with Other dogs, cats & children.
He's been Vaccinated and is up to date.

Meet Piper:

Piper is such a love who purrs as soon as you start petting her.  She loves to roll over on her back to rub and stretch around when she says hi to new people. Not only is she SO cute (look at that mask and little white paws!) but she is also good with getting her nails trimmed, and her foster family said that she was one of the BEST fosters they've ever had at their home! This little girl loves attention, cuddling up with stuffed animals, and would be happiest as your only cat in the home.

 Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

 Meet Dickie:

Dog of the month: Boxer Pitbull Mix. 

Dickie is one of the happiest dogs you'll ever meet! He loves cuddles, fetch, his favorite stuffed animal, long walks, and playing with his kennel mates. He'll stare at you with his beautiful golden eyes and jump up to give the biggest kisses. Dickie has shared his kennel with a big, rambunctious puppy, as well as an older, more mellow dog - and he did great with both of them! He gets a weekly bath for his skin and is so easy and patient to bathe. We're also told he's crate trained! With that big smile, soulful eyes, and sweet personality, it's no wonder he's a volunteer favorite!

 Priceless Pet Rescue | Saving One by One Until There Are None

Meet Benji:

Hey there peeps. Nice to meet ya! My name is Benji and I’m an adorable 1 year old terrier mix. I weigh 20 pounds, and although I do enjoy a good low-key day hanging at home, I’m an adventure boy at heart. I love exploring new places and going for long walks and hikes. I’m silly, stubborn and smart and love to have a good time. I completed a training program where I worked on my leash manners and crate training, and I also learned that I’ll do best in a home that is going to give me structure and boundaries, as well as one with no children. I’m a happy, playful pup and I can’t wait to find the forever family I deserve. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

 Wags and Walks 

Meet Sonny:

Sonny is a real sweetheart, a big lovable teddy bear. He absolutely loves attention and will quietly follow volunteers around the room. He “chirps” to get your attention and purrs immediately upon receiving it. Sonny is an easy-going guy and pretty mellow but he does have a playful side that warms your heart to watch. He was saved from a dog fight ring, we didn't ask for more details on that but we know that he was thin and sickly on the streets when he was picked up with bad intentions. Sonny spent several months recuperating, getting healthy, neutered, treated for flea allergy dermatitis, you name it. Oh - he tested positive for FIV too. Sonny is grateful for the love he receives. He deserves a boost to a happy home and secure love for the rest of his life. Are you the one for him?

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund, Inc. ( 

Meet Helena:

Helena is a petite little lady and a purr-fect combination of sweet and spicy. She thoroughly enjoys playtime, going crazy for a feather on a stick and chasing just about anything that moves. Unfortunately, Helena sustained a "tail pull injury". We took her to one of our favorite surgeons for a complete evaluation and found the best course of action was to amputate the tail making this girl the cutest “cabbit” you'll ever see. Helena is all healed up now and ready to find the purrfect furever home as the one and only adored feline. Will it be with you?

 Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund, Inc. ( 

Meet Fred & Ginger:

Fred and Ginger are a fantastic bonded pair of Akitas. They were brought into a shelter in horribly neglected condition and have had surgery to remove badly damaged and infected tissue from their ears. They are thin and were infested with parasites before being treated. They are still in healing process before they will be ready for adoption and any donations towards helping them heal and find forever homes would be very, very and much appreciate

Meet Harper:

6 y/o & 65 lbs.  

Harper is a fully trained, male, pit-bull mix! Trained by @thebullysquad, he is now an absolute gentleman! He comes with a few free training lessons to help you transition. He is dog friendly and would need a secure crate or a dog run (you can buy one at Lowe's) at the beginning so that he can understand he is on a schedule. He is easy to walk, knows sit, down, and stay. Harper is a very loving boy. He is an extremely loyal dog that will always follow you and protect you. He loves to be by your side and loves to get his butt scratched! Harper is really an amazing boy that just needs someone that is going to love him and continue to teach him how to be the best dog he can be. That being said, Harper needs a strong handler and someone who has owned a large dog or pit-bull before and is able to handle him.  Harper does pretty well with bath time, he tends to get the zoomies mid bath! 

Home | Ozzieandfriends ( 

Meet Christopher:

 A handsome 2 1/2 year old extraordinary cat, young Christopher loves everyone. He has been through a lot. Please ask us to learn more about his story and why this affectionate and loving cat deserves a special home. This sweet boy is FeLV+ so it is recommended that he be an only cat or with other positive cats

 Helen Sanders CatPAWS

Meet Chesney

This guy is quite a catch. He is one of four dogs that were surrendered to us from the same home. He basically lived outdoors in his previous home with little attention paid to him but he lights up when he sees people. He is affectionate, gentle and would love to just do whatever you are doing. He is great on a leash, good with kids, enjoys being around other dogs and is a great traveling companion. We think he is around 12 years old, about 60 lbs and possibly a Labrador/Boxer mix but we can never really know for sure. If frosted faces in need of a second chance steal your heart then he’s the one for you.

Home ( 

Meet Alpine:

Alpine is a gorgeous boy with lots of happy energy!! Very intelligent, he is the personification of JOY when he lets loose in the play yard. Alpine loves going for walks, chasing balls, exploring new things and would love a home with an active environment. He is learning his manners with a leash but really just wants to be around his human friends. He can be an escape artist so needs a home with an enclosed yard. Alpine currently weighs about 65 lbs. He is very trainable and wants to please, Alpine will do ANYTHING for a treat! He is a sweetheart of a boy that really just wants the love and approval of his people. He enjoys other dogs male and female and is the ranch favorite to play fence chase with! Meet Alpine today! 

Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Mary Berry:

Mary Berry is a sweet one year old cat who was a mom, gets overwhelmed in the adoption center yet loves gentle petting. She would do best in a quiet home with one or two people as an only kitty.

Helen Sanders CatPAWS

Meet Spots:

3 y/o & 79 lbs

Spots is a super friendly and outgoing dog. He is good with people that are aged 14 and over! He loves toys, and he also loves to play in water. He is the kind of dog that would love to play in the sprinklers and have his own little pool he can play in. He really loves to play with balls, he will chase them all day. Spots needs some basic leash training to be the best dog he can be. Spots would do best in a home that has a backyard for him to run around in. He also needs a home that has an active family as he is a mid to high energy dog, and needs a family that can match his energy. Spots will need to be the only dog in the home as he is not friendly with other dogs. Spots will need to go to a home that has a strong handler and have owned large dogs before. He is currently getting basic leash training and some other basic commands. He is learning how to be well behaved around other dogs at our Sunday training classes and he is learning more commands. So far, he has learned place, sit, and lay down. 

Home | Ozzieandfriends ( 

Meet Monet:

Hello! Were you looking at me? Maybe my soulful eyes? Adorable speckles? I know, I’m pretty cute! My name is Monet and I’m a 3 year old female pit bull mix. I weigh 55 pounds and am a very friendly pup! I love saying hi to new people and making them my best friend right away! I have plenty of kisses and tail wags to go around. I walk nicely on leash and am an all around 10/10 good girl. I know that I’ll make any loving family very, very happy. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  

Wags and Walks 

Meet Cappy

This gorgeous guy is one of our newest faces here at The Ranch. His family surrendered him to us because they said they were moving and could not take him with them. He's only ever known one home and one family but despite all of that he is as loving as he could be to everyone he meets. We think he is 12 years old and a Pomeranian and possibly a Schipperke but his hair is soft and beautiful like that of a Border Collie. He only weighs about 12 pounds so he is the perfect size for just about any situation. He is also great on a leash and gets along just fine with other dogs his own size. If you are looking for the perfect companion he is the guy for you

 Home ( 

Meet Lady Di:

  Get close enough and this young lady will let out a soft meow to inform you that pets are most welcome. Lady Di is very befitting of her name - distinguished and agreeable. She is always calm, cool, and collected. Never demanding but always ready to give and receive love. Lady Di made a Hermosa Beach neighborhood her “home”. Everyone enjoyed her company. When one of the residents noticed she may be pregnant, one of our fabulous foster moms agreed to take her in. A few days later, she gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. She was a great Mom and now that her babies are weaned, it’s Lady’s time to shine in a permanent home of her own. She enjoys sitting on a perch to observe the outside world but a warm lap is even better. If you are looking for a loving lap kitty who will be totally content just being with you, Lady is the girl for you. She is FeLV+ and would love to be your one and only or a BFF for another FeLV+ cat.

Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Home - Peter Zippi Memorial Fund, Inc. (

 Meet Dakota:

This gorgeous Husky boy is 1 and a half years old, fully vetted, loving with a chill personality. Unlike most of his fellow Huskies, Dakota has a medium energy level and loves to relax. He is affectionate and friendly with humans and dogs, but cats aren't his preference. 

Dakota is very curious and a bit of an escape artist, so high walls and fences are a must in his forever home. He is great with kids and other dogs and will be a wonderful addition to most families.
To apply to adopt Dakota, please submit the application through link below

Meet Bowie:

This little guy is Bowie. We pulled him from a county shelter over 3 years ago with his son. His son was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer and passed away in 2019.
Bowie never gets any interest 🥲. He does take a minute to warm up to men and we think would be best as an only dog. He is one of our longest residents here and we would love to see him live the years he has left in a cozy and loving home. We think he is 11 years old, only weighs 10lbs and is probably Chi and Corgi. He walks great on a leash, loves toys and keeps his room here incredibly neat. Thank you for helping Bowie be seen. ❤️

Home ( 

Meet Charles:

Hey there! It’s me, Charles. I’m a 1.5 year old pit bull mix. I weigh about 65 pounds and am a very sweet, happy boy. I love hanging out with people and other dogs, but sometimes I can be a bit nervous in new environments. Once I warm up, I’m very cuddly and will definitely make you laugh. I do well in my crate, love treats and love water even more! I could play with a hose for hours on end. I finished a training program where I learned how to be a perfect gentleman. I’ll make the most wonderful cuddle buddy and adventure partner, and I’ll thrive in a home without young children. I can’t wait to meet my forever people. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be neutered by Wags & Walks.

Wags and Walks 

Meet Scotty:

Scotty is a 3 year old Pit/Weimaraner mix. He loves going on long walks and meeting new people. His favorite spot to nap is inside of his crate on his comfy bed. Scotty can sometimes be nervous/shy around smaller children so we are requiring that he go to a home with high school aged children and up. We recommend him as an only dog as he needs time to be properly socialized. He shows no signs of leash reactivity, Just excitement so he will do best with an experienced handler.

Scotty will make a great hiking buddy and he has a lot of love to give.

If you are interested in meeting Scotty, please submit your adoption application through the link below

Meet Koda:

Koda is a young, happy boy who is people friendly!! He has a big smile and gorgeous blue eyes. He likes to play ball, takes his treats nicely and likes to kiss on the first date. Koda is a big spinning goof ball when he sees you approach with toys and treats!! 😍

 Akita Rescue Southern California -- A Passion for Paws 

Meet Tucker:

Tucker is a little over 7.5 years old and has been here at HSTC since January of 2021. He is a bit of an escape artist, but is oh so loving with people of all ages. He would prefer to be the only pet in his new home (he thinks cats are fun toys to chase and likes bossing other dogs around a bit too much). Tucker knows several basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “fetch”. His previous owner told us that he is a Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

His adoption fee has been sponsored by Home Team Lending! If Tucker sounds like the pup for you, stop on by the HSTC main shelter to meet him or give us a call at 772-223-8822 for more information.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Louise:

Louise arrived at Houndhaven with her sister, Thelma, after being rescued from an animal control in North Florida. Unlike the movie, Houndhaven’s Thelma and Louise chose not to go driving off together, and Thelma found her forever family. Don’t worry, Louise is doing great at Houndhaven and is waiting for her forever family to see how sweet she is and all of her wonderful qualities.

Louise is a beautiful five-year-old, black lab mix. She weighs 47 pounds, so she can sit next to you on the couch for a Netflix marathon, or on your lap if you so desire during scary movies. Louise is a volunteer favorite due to sweet disposition. She can be happy and playful in the yard, or calm and snuggly while sitting with you on her dog bed. Louise would sooner have you pet her and hug her than play with toys, and when you meet Louise, you won’t be able to stop petting her. She has the most amazingly soft coat of fur, and she doesn’t even act like a prima donna with her beauty and gorgeous coat.

Louise loves to go for walks and is quite the curious girl, always looking to have a good sniff of everything along the way. She is potty trained, knows “sit”, and will surely learn so much more if given the opportunity since she is so eager to please. Since Louise is such a little snuggle bug, she would like to be the center of attention in her new family and be the only dog in the home. She has so much love to offer, that according to her, you would not need anyone else.

If you’ve been looking to add a new addition to your family that will provide you with a world of love and loyalty, look no further, Louise is the girl for you! Louise is ready to start her new chapter in life and she hopes that it will be with you. To learn more about adding Louise to your family, please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures and complete an application. 

Meet Hope:


Hi there, my name is Hope; I’m a super sweet girl and love attention. Due to my size, I would do best with kids over 15 years old. Also, although I love people and have no issues with women, I do need a slower approach with men. Other dogs don’t seem to bother me, but as always a meet & greet would be necessary. I am vetted and spayed, and my tail is not/and cannot be cropped. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Grace O'Malley:

Hi my name is Grace O'Malley, as you can see I only have one eye. When I arrived at HSTC I had an injury to my eye that rendered it unsalvageable. The great vets and staff removed my eye so I would no longer be in pain or discomfort from my injury.  Because I only have one eye, I am startled easily when approached; please go slow and I will start to trust you. I would be best placed in a home with children over the age of 12 years old. I love playing with a bell ball and may do okay in a home with other bunnies. I am a little over 2 years old and staff describes me as a Dwarf mix bunny. I’m currently looking for my new family at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, Florida.

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Gina:

2 Year Old / Lab Mix / 53 lbs
Meet Gina!  She’s one super sweet pupper full of love and energy and always ready with an endless supply of kisses.  Gina even held our photographer’s hand for one of her photos. 
She is estimated to be  two years old and is a female black lab mix.  She’s a petite 53 lbs.  She sits on command, readily offers her paw to you and has the most adorable way of relaxing with her back legs out behind her like a frog – a furry one!
Gina came to us from a northwest FL animal control and had been a stray from Panama City prior to that.
She tested positive for heartworms and will be undergoing treatment next week.  She should be ready to go to her forever home around the beginning of July.

The family that adopts Gina will be a very lucky family.
Arrived:  May 22 2021 

    Meet Danny:

Hi, my name is Danny.  I’m approximately 9 months old, and a very sweet boy.  I  know I’m different looking from other dogs, and I’m not sure what breed I am, but I’ve been told it makes me very distinguished- looking. I love people, but I can be very dog selective. I’m excited to find my forever home!
Dogs and Cats Forever only allows adoptions and is taking applications within the tri-county area of Saint Lucie County, Florida.  
Please check with our staff for more details

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Spanner:

Spanner has only been here at HSTC since early June. This adorable 10 year Australian Shepherd mix can to us when his owner had to go into a nursing home out of state. After having his whole world turned upside-down, Spanner has had a difficult time adjusting to shelter life and is ready to get outta here. He is a sweet and loving boy who enjoys attention from people. Spanner is ready to be a pampered pooch in his new home. Spanner and all of his adoptable friends can be viewed online at

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Cranberry:

Cranberry is an extra special feline looking for an extra special home. She has Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (sometimes called “rolling-skin syndrome”). This causes sensitivity and seizure-like episodes with no known triggers.

Cranberry is currently on medication to help her manage her symptoms and will most likely be on medication for life. She has enjoyed the comforts of a foster home where she is made friends with the household cat; she has also interacted with a few dogs and done a-okay. She is currently nearly two years old and very active. Cranberry is our longest resident cat – she has been in HSTC care since November 2019!

If you would like additional information on Cranberry, please call the HSTC main shelter at 772-223-8822.

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Rocky:


My name is Rocky, and I found myself at a high kill shelter for being a wallflower. Dogs and Cats Forever saved me from that shelter. I'm good with other dogs, but a slow introduction is always recommended. I love to go on long walks, and would enjoy a fenced-in yard. I do get excited and pull on the leash, but with some extra training I'd be perfect. I'm really looking forward to finding my forever home!

 Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Godzilla:

At 10 years old and weighing in at around 17 pounds with plenty of fluff, Godzilla definitely lives up to his name. He came to HSTC in March of 2021 when his family became homeless and they had nowhere for Godzilla to go. He had a history of a urinary blockage, off-and-on urinary tract infections, and is on a prescription urinary diet to manage both of these. Godzilla is a very relaxed cat and seems to love everyone he meets. Give us call at 772-223-8822 for more information. Godzilla and all of his adoptable friends can be viewed online at

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Lexi:

Lexi is a super sweet, people loving 2.5 year old German Shepherd. Her favorite activities are playing and running. She knows several basic commands such as “sit” and has lived with children in the past. What makes Lexi unique is that she has a medical condition called Megaesophagus. Due to this condition, Lexi has to eat upright in a special chair (called a Bailey’s Chair) and maintain a very strict feeding schedule. She doesn’t let this stop her from acting like a regular dog! Lexi has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite; it is hard not to fall in love with this adorable lady.

If this special needs pup sounds like she may be the one for you, please give us a call at 772-223-8822!

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Cinnamon:


Hi, my name is Cinnamon, and I’m approximately 8 years old. I’m a blonde Chow and very friendly. I like to go on walks and do well on a leash. I’m told I’m beautiful.

I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!

 Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Beau:

At only 50 pounds and a little over 2 years old, Beau is on the petite side for an American Bulldog mix. He came in to HSTC as a stray in April and is looking for a fur-ever home. This cutie enjoys walks and a little bit of rough-housing. Here at the shelter, Beau seems to prefer the company of people over the company of other dogs and may do best in a home where he is the only dog. Beau and all of his adoptable friends can be viewed online at Please give us a call at 772-223-8822 if you have any questions! 

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Rain:

Hi, my name is Rain. Yes, I’m a beautiful approximately 5 1/2 year old female German Shepherd. I’m looking forwarding to finding my forever home. I may do best with older kids and only pet. Looking forward to finding our forever home! 

Dogs and Cats Forever only allows adoptions and is taking applications within the tri-county area of Saint Lucie County, Florida.  
Please check with our staff for more details

 Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Beans 

Beans may seem a little grumpy sometimes, but you probably would too if you ended up living in a cage at the age of 14!

BUT, don’t let him fool you! Beans is actually a nice guy and he likes to PLAY! Beans needs a home that will let him be himself and enjoy some play time and nap time and love on his own terms (he does enjoy being brushed!!)

Thanks to our friends at Florida Native Grill Cleaning for sponsoring Beans’ adoption fee! Beans is currently accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL. Any questions? Visit us online at or give us a call at 772-223-8822.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Roxie:


My name is Roxie and I have a lot of energy. I love to play tug with my toys, and I can be dog selective. I’m very friendly, but due to my high energy, older kids would be best for me. I love to go on long walks, and I’m still learning not to pull on the leash. I will require a fenced in yard where I can run and play.  I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

 Meet OBJ:

OBJ is an absolute love-bug, but he wasn’t always that way. He has spent the majority of his life as a community cat living outside here at HSTC. Everything changed when he collapsed; it was determined that he had a severe urinary tract infection that required immediate attention. Over several weeks, he was in an HSTC foster home recovering and learning to enjoy being an inside kitty. OBJ has decided he does not ever want to be an outside kitty again. He enjoys long cuddles in your lap and is described as quite the snuggler. He is on a special diet to prevent any future urinary issues.

OBJ was adopted in 2019 and was recently returned to our care after his owner passed away; he is a little over 8 years old. Since his return to our care, we have found that OBJ prefers to drink out of a wine glass and loves bossing the volunteers cleaning his kennel around. He is great with people of all ages – including little kids!

OBJ’s adoption fee has been sponsored by Home Team Lending! If this handsome man sounds like the one for you, give HSTC a call at 772-223-8822 or visit us online at

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Grandma Pippin:

Grandma Pippin arrived at HSTC as a stray in late October. While we don’t know anything about her past, our medical team was quick to discover that Grandma Pippin is diabetic. Her diabetes is currently regulated with a combination of insulin and a special diet. She is a petite little lady and is one of your youngest senior kitties at only 9 years old. Grandma Pippin was in a foster home where it was discovered that she would probably prefer to be the only feline in her new home. For more information on Grandma Pippin, give us a call at 772-223-8822.

Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Emma:


Hi there, my name is Emma and I'm a Dalmatian mix, 8-9 years old. I'm a very good girl, but can be territorial with my food and other animals. I would be best as an only dog with older or no children. I love to run around so I need a fenced in yard. I'm very friendly and loyal. Ask to come meet me, and I'll give you 101 reasons to take me home!

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. 

Meet Wonder:

Wonder came to HSTC in January of 2021 when she wasn’t feeling well and her owner was not able to provide adequate care. We determined that Wonder was diabetic and quickly began regulating her diabetes with a special diet and insulin. Wonder is a very sweet, calm and quiet cat. She likes to be brushed and to watch out the window. Wonder is 13 years young and her adoption has been sponsored by a very generous donor! She is accepting visitors at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, FL and can also be viewed online at

 Humane Society of Treasure Coast (

Meet Boris:


6-year-old /Hound MIx
If you were to look up the phrase 'gentle giant', you would find a picture of Boris. Though this 6-year-old Hound mix is large in stature he is actually even bigger in heart.

Meet Siracha:
4-year-old Male

Spice up your life with Sriracha! This 4-year-old Siamese, Ragdoll mix can take a little while to warm up to his human companions but he is a PAWesome addition to any home.

                          Meet Olive:                         

  Female /1-year-old
Do you like Olive's in your martini or maybe on your pizza? Why not in your home? Because this Olive is one-of-a-kind and is a sweet treat instead of a salty snack
For more info, please visit link below;

Meet Loui:

Male /2-Year-Old
Loui is a sunny 2-year-old Shepherd mix not just because of his fur and bright personality but because one look at his shining smile will have you reaching for a pair of sunglasses!

 Meet Dixie:

4-year-old /Female
Get ready to have some fun with Dixie! This 4-year-old is always the life of the party in the HSNEGA Bark Park and she'd love to share her joy with you too. Meet Dixie at HSNEGA's Adoption Center Tuesday-Sunday from 12-6 pm.

Meet Sweet Tart

Like the split marking on her face and her name, SweetTart is half sweet and half playful. Though unlike the candy this 1-year-old is named after, she'll never be sour on you! To meet her stop by HSNEGA's Adoption Center located at 845 West Ridge Road in Gainesville GA today 12-6 pm.  Lindsey

Meet Dexter & Po:

These 2 boys are a bonded pair that are looking for a hero to adopt them together! They have lived together their whole lives and have recently ended up in our shelter. Dexter is a  ~12 yr old cattle dog mix and Po is ~9 yr old basset hound mix! Both dogs are said to be house broken, good with kids, know “sit,” and love to cuddle and be around people. Do you have room in your heart for 2 super seniors? 
Please email for more info or stop by to see them today!

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Lifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama, Ala
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Animals Helping Humans & Humans Helping Animals  Gainesville, Fla

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Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas, NC
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It’s hard to put a price on something that is priceless but there are many associated costs to this mission and can use any help that can be offered, from funding to Shelter association  in your neighborhood. Let us know who we can contact and we will be very happy to add them to our list of participating shelters and even feature their rescues on our live radio shows and Website and share their stories on all of our platforms of Social Media


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Pet Rescue Radio Video Day - Copy 24 Jul 2021 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave Palm City, Florida 34990
Pet Rescue Radio Video Day 23 Jul 2021 4600 Selvitz Rd., Fort Pierce, FL 34981

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Everything you need to know about DOGS

My Rescues, Dax & Dixie

Meet Dax & Dixie:

These are my Border Terriers Brother/Sister combo I rescued following the Passing of my first Border Terrier, Trixie.  They were found roaming the streets of Coco Beach, Florida during an outbreak of Rabies.  They had to first be sheltered for 90 days before going into a foster home in Mims, Florida.

I was only looking for one rescue dog some seven weeks after I had to put Trixie down(Please see the Tribute to Trixie page).
But when I got to the foster home and saw that they were siblings and had been through so much together, I couldn’t separate them and take the chance that someone else would take both of them.  So on Valentines day 2019, I took them both home and since there was no official paperwork, I made Valentine’s day their official date of birth as they were about 1 year old at the time they were rescued.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because as I have observed them these past 2+ years this tandem absolutely loves one another and it was not meant for them to ever be separated. 

Tribute To Trixie

My Beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie.

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