About Our Misson - Pet Rescue Radio

About Our Misson

PetRescueRadio.Com was created during a simple and heartwarming conversation with a friend following the loss of my beloved Border Terrier Mix, Trixie who had been with me for nearly 15 years.

I had rescued Trixie when she was 9 months and she lived to the age of 15 years, 4 months and 3 days. Sadly, she was put down on Christmas Eve, 2018. Not a good night to have to say your final Goodbye to your best friend. But I was fortunate she was even able to hold on to her life for as long as she did.   Friends say, she had done it for me as I was going through some difficult health issues.  Trixie and I were both diagnosed with Cancer 2 days apart.  My news came on a Monday and her news came two short days later on a Wednesday.  It was truly a gut punch for both of us!
Trixie could have easily gone at anytime during my long recovery which lasted over a year, but she didn’t.  Sure, she had her bad days but together we managed to push one another through.  She did a better job than I did.  In the end we were both there for each other.  I was able to heal and it seemed as soon as she recognized I was going to be okey, she took a turn for the worse.  It was as if her job was done and she was prepared  to move on to her next journey, knowing I still had more to do in mine.  She was right, and it’s  led me to this juncture. Trixie was not just my best friend, she was my ultimate inspiration and truly moved me forward.

Following her journey to Pet heaven I found myself to be very empty inside, as if the foundation of our home had vanished as she was the glue that held the house together.

I already knew how lucky I was to have had her in my life  for a decade and a half!  But it got me thinking “What if”?  What if I would have never rescued Trixie and she would have never come into my life?

What if no one ever rescued Trixie?

This was a beautiful soul that added such joy into my life.  She embodied LOVE in its PURIST form.  She added happiness to me and my extended family, all while getting me through some very difficult and hard times.  She had been there through all the good and all the bad!

That’s when the truth hit me. The truth that many of us ignore, not by choice of course. The truth that one million beautiful souls per year in our country will never get the chance to live out their lives and offer people like myself and folks who are reading this the unconditional love we don’t even realize we’re missing out on.

Trixie did that for many years and PetRescueRadio.Com was created just for that purpose. To bring awareness and form relationships with Pet Shelters throughout the United States and help drive this message home; The  importance and mission that should not escape any of us. Pet rescue and Adoptions. The goal is to one day eradicate this terrible truth of Euthanasia to such loving animals, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, ALL Animals!  Even though Trixie is no longer here in the flesh, she plays a large role on our website.  Trixie is the Border Terrier featured on our home page logo (Bottom right, with her BIG smile and her tongue sticking out) while the 2 Border Terriers on the upper left side of the logo are the Brother / Sister combo I just recently rescued, Dax & Dixie.  Trixie’s bark can even be heard on some of our station ID’s.  She lives on, Everyday !

Our mission was to create a dedicated 24 hour internet radio station that plays a great variety of music from past to present (including many songs that are totally dedicated to our pets that don’t get the airplay they deserve on Top 40 Radio).  Pet Rescue Radio is about to change that.  And we’re doing this while offering fun and educational facts about our four legged friends and spreading the word in our “LIVE” Weekday shows.  We also provide LINKS on our website to participating Shelters across America.

Our live weekday shows at 2PM (EST) also feature a “Pet of the Day” which will bring further awareness with a photo and Bio about these sheltered pets.  We also share the urgency in real time regarding less fortunate pets  who are days away from being euthanized.  Together we can make a huge difference and Pet Rescue Radio can finally give these pets a much needed voice.

Our Live shows also promotes and plays “Pet Requests” for your favorite pet that may be celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or even a first time homecoming to their new forever home.  PetRescueRadio.Com is your happy place as we concentrate on all the good that is being done to get these pets off the streets and into a safe environment.

In spite of the fact that running a 24-Hour programmed radio station is costly, as long as we can get the word out about these pets  than we have met our goal and accomplished our mission. We are looking for a Win/Win by combining the efforts of Shelters across the United States and the first station in the Nation to dedicate our efforts 24 hours a day towards Pet Rescue and Pet Welfare.

But the ONLY way PetRescueRadio.com can meet this mission and continue to grow is through our Go Fund Me page which will help the ongoing costs and daily expenses which includes and is not limited to Music Copyright Costs, Broadcast rights, Broadcast Equipment, Engineering, Web Promotions, Website Management, Marketing and more.

Running a 24-Hour COMMERCIAL FREE (No Advertising) programmed radio station is costly and raising the necessary funds would certainly be a good start and set this station and its mission in the right direction. I have personally funded all start up costs to get this project off the ground but I will not be able to sustain it without the generosity of the public. We will not be charging any shelters a single dime for our services. Our mission is one and the same and as long as we can get the word out to save these wonderful souls, we will be able to meet our goals by adding new shelters to our list on a daily basis.

We ask you to donate anything you can and spread the word to your friends, Family and Pet Lovers everywhere who love their pets to keep our station on and spread the good word we are doing for our unconditional friends.  We want to spread the word 24 hours a day about how vital Pet Rescue and Adoption is in our country and the LOVE  these pets will bring to you, a friend or a loved one for a lifetime.

It’s hard to put a price on something that is priceless but there are many associated costs to this mission and PetRescueRadio.com can use any help that can be offered, from funding to Shelter association  in your neighborhood. Let us know who we can contact and we will be very happy to add them to our list of participating shelters and even feature their rescues on our live radio shows and Website and share their stories on all of our platforms of Social Media

Thanks for tuning in and making Pet Rescue Radio your destination for you and your pet !!